Sunday, December 6, 2009

Green Tea Pudding

If you like yoghurt and green tea will definitely love this! Everyone knows that yoghurt is good for health especially the plain ones. I decided to make something more special than just eating plain yoghurt with fruits . I make green tea pudding using this plain yoghurt and it turned out to be refreshing and healthy.

It is good to take this in the morning before taking breakfast or as an after dinner dessert. The fragrance of green tea and the after taste of honey sweet yoghurt is refreshing . Plain yoghurt by itself is sourish so I added honey to it and viola !...a delicious magical pudding that has all the goodness in it. And here I was thinking how am I going to finish the green tea powder in my pantry . Green Tea Pudding comes to the rescue ! :) Besides adding them to cakes and muffins and bread, it is great to add them to ice cream or yoghurt pudding . My Piggy gal will surely love this pudding. Chilled it before serving..yummy! Don't believe me, try it out yourself and tell me...if you like yoghurt and green tea, this is a nutritious dessert :p

yummy and healthy deliciousness...mmmm
chilled it before serving
and my tongue loves the taste! :))

Green Tea Pudding (serve 2)

Ingredients :

250 ml water
1 tsp agar agar powder
1 tsp green tea powder

250 gm plain yoghurt
1 – 2 tbsp honey * depend on your taste

Boil 250 ml water with the agar agar powder. When the agar agar has dissolved, off the heat and add in the green tea. Use the whisk and whisk till the green tea powder has integrated together with the agar agar mixture.

Pour the yoghurt into the food processor and add in the agar agar mixture and blend till well mixed. Pour into individual serving cups and chill the pudding for 30 mins or more before serving.

Have a great weekend !

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  1. Hi Elin, I definitely want to try this because green tea is one of my favourite :)

  2. I am a great tea fan! The pudding looks so light and delicious!

  3. That looks and sounds is always healthy isnt it?

  4. hey, so healthy pudding... this must be your new invented recipe again!

  5. Very Creative! This is a winner! I have used China grass(agar agar) but with green tea and yoghurt! Wonderful!

  6. Omg... I love green tea so much !!! And u turn it into pudding!! How amaZing !!! =D now I know Claire really ' Yao haou fok ' always got great food from u hahah...

  7. Yummy....I like anything green tea so thanks for sharing Elin!

    Durian tree in Brisbane???? Either you are mad or I'm not aware of that fact!

    I wish! But I'm in Adelaide anyway so still very sad....

    Cheers from Down Under,

  8. This is worth trying, green tea is one of my favourites too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very unique and lovely, Elin. I will love to give this a try.

  10. now, another great recipe with green tea powder! i've gotta take some more afford to find it in a grocery store!

  11. Green tea and yogurt..aawwh... so refreshing :)

  12. Oh ya, this is healthy indeed! A refreshing pudding to start a day.

  13. Hi try this out. It is refreshing no doubt :)

    Hi Angie...yup yuppy light and delicious and healthy too :))

    Hi Zurin...yup healthy full of antioxidant in it :)

    Hi Claire...haha I love eating so have to be more creative...sshhh hav to use up the green te :p

    Hi Shirley...:) thanks

    Hi Ivan...haha thanks for dropping by to drool ;p she is isn't she...tell her that when you comment on her blog so that she knows she is blessed LOL!

    Hi are welcome. I heard from friends who stayed in Brisbane so he is bluffing? haha nevermind next time he comes I am going to pull his ears for telling me this crap that durian can grow in Brisbane!!! :)

    Hi Kenny....:) thanks for dropping by

    Hi Cheah...remember to add in more honey coz the plain yoghurt is slightly sourish ;p

    Hi Miranda...if you like green tea than you will definitely love it:)

    Hi TEAH...thank you for dropping by always . :))

    Hi lululu... asian grocery store should have or japanese store :))

    Hi Mysweetkitchen..isn't either love it or hate it...haha for green tea lovers it is a great dessert :)

    Hi Little Inbox...I love having yoghurt with green tea and this is so delicious and try this out :)

  14. from far like wasabi hor!! Me, not so much into yoghurt...but don't mind at all to try it...seriously need to try it one day....

  15. I love everything in this recipe! I must make this!

  16. Hi Mandy...yoghurt and green tea is good for health. You may not like it if you are not used to taking yoghurt especially the plain ones but when you add honey to it , it makes lot of difference in taste and the green tea flavor is so refreshing. Get the japanese green tea is the best! :)

    Hi Tasty Trix....hope you will like it :)

  17. HI Elin, am still trying to catch up with all of you. This is always a busy month! School reopen preparation, year end housekeeping (repainting, giveaway old clothings, a lot more cleaning need to be done!).....


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