Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Dinner @ Restoran Good Times

I finally found the time to post this up...after a few days of blissful time with my Piggies..ahem a time of spoiling them with good food and cakes they loved :) The house is quiet again with them safely back in college but they will be back again on 31st and will be spending the new year with us. I am beginning to mizz them already since they left for KL a few hours ago :(

We went out for steamboat dinner on Christmas nite....the Piggies preferred eating out when it comes to steamboat for they say that their soup taste much better than mine :( So 4 against one..I lost ( I was actually jumping with joy inside but trying to act disappointed :p ) That means I can relax and enjoy myself instead of hanging out in the kitchen all day long. There are a few good steamboat restaurant in Ipoh but the Piggies pick this - Restoran Good Times, 4 & 6, Jalan Seenivasagam, Ipoh.

Christmas dinner at RM25.80 plus 5% service tax per pax. They served seafood like crabs, prawns of different species, sea urchins, squids and fresh cuttlefish , fresh mussels, all types of sea shells , meatballs & fishballs of different varieties, vegetables of different species, yong tofu and mushrooms of different varieties too, beef and lamb fillets, and a section of fried stuffs too. Their signature fried chicken wings , fried wanton and yam rice are the most popular ones. I particularly love their dippings sauce and their special chilli sauce! They offer many types of soup base for their steamboat...namely porridge, herbal soup, tom yam and fish head yam soup. Of course many more but I can't remember all of them . Piggies chose their famous fish head yam soup and tom yam.... mmmmmm delicious....I love their fish head yam soup, sweet and aromatic with bits of creamy textured yam. Their seafood are fresh especially their crabs and prawns and Piggy gal loves them all :)) Desserts are ice cream of ten different flavors and jellies too. Well, for RM25.80 per pax it was worth it since there were lots to eat and to choose from. For us, it is a time for fellowship while waiting for the food to cook.....warm fellowship indeed! I managed to snap a few pictures before I settled down to just a few shots for this post.

fresh our delights

they served tin enoki and dumplings and shellfish of
different varieties and sea urchins too

lamb and beef fillets

delicious yam rice and their special sauces

Piggy boy waiting patiently to start ....but the waiter has not served us yet

I loved the way he pout his mouth :p

he can't wait for the food to be cooked...went for the ice cream first :p

love the warm fellowship..that's Piggy gal's bf SL
and these two shotsare candid shots.... one for the album !

Mother and daughter together :))

my three loved ones....Daddy and my Piggies :))

Elin wishes all of you.....

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays !



  1. owh! wow...quite cheap considering the varieties that you can have. next time must try once i am back in ipoh! hehe...

  2. Value for money with such a wild variety of food.
    Ice cream before the hot pot? Cool! I wish my stomach could stand the mix of cold and hot food all together.

  3. You had a wonderful family time. Wishing you all Happy New Year!

  4. this is a different Christmas eve dinner than the usual, turkey thing. steamboat sounds great! love the seafood.
    Have a Happy New Year!

  5. merry belated christmas and a happy new year to you

  6. Same to you and your family! Ooo...what lovely children you have! How come they're not fat? Considering that you can cook soooooo..... well! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Hi Kenny...that yam rice is good and I love it..haha

    Hi Gabriel...ohh yes you must try it when u are back in Ipoh :)

    Hi Angie...yup it is worth it :) and that boy can't wait so he wallops the ice cream first :)) I can't have the ice cream till I have finish all the food first :)

    Hi Little Inbox...haha family gathering over steamboat is fun. You too have a blessed new year and happy holidays too to you and hubby:))

    Hi Tracie...yupp for a change we went for steamboat instead of western food. too have a blessed and happy new year!

    Hi Cindy...thanks same to you too. Have a blessed and happy new year!

    Hi don't know how they drive me up the wall at times...hahaha but now they are all grown up so time to enjoy them now before they each got married off :p They are at college so don't really get to eat good food...the one putting on weight is the other half LOL! Hey too have a blessed and happy new year! Regards to your other half too :))


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