Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My New Babies..Rosemary & Italian Parsley !

Last weekend , I bought two herb plants...Rosemary and Italian Parsley for a whopping RM16 from a nursery nearby. I am deliriously joyful for they are growing nicely in the garden and now I don't have to run out to the supermarket just to get these fresh herbs. I can just go to the garden and pluck them :p Surprisingly , despite the hot weather they are growing well. I can't imagine what it would be like living without them. These herbs are essential in all my cooking and I can't live without them. Being able to grow them myself is an added bonus indeed! I will be adding more .... I have ordered thymes , oregano and dill plants from the nursery and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get them soon.

healthy looking rosemary

Rosemary is a woody perennial herb with fragrant and is a heat loving herb. So it is not a problem growing them here. There are lots of goodness in them, besides its medical properties like , it has amazing anti oxidant properties in them too. It is ornamental, it's fragrant and it's delicious. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible. Its Latin name, Rosmarinus officinalis, means "dew of the sea" and rosemary is most closely associated with the cooking of the Mediterranean area. It is a welcome culinary seasoning. I use them in my roasts, cookies and foccacia and pasta :)) So tell me , isn't this good news that I can grow these herbs in my very own garden? :))

love the aroma of rosemary in bread,
cookies and in roasts

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  1. Awwww ... i have new brothers and sisters !! Edible ones too ... nyap nyap nyap

  2. Elin, if you're lucky enough and your rosemary plant is blooming tiny purple flowers, use them to decorate your iced chocolate cake or any baked goodies. They look drop dead gorgeous really and they are edible!

  3. Elin, do you want me to bring home some seeds for you?

  4. wah..for a moment, i tot i m going to give u ang pau.. hahhaa..
    so these are your new profound babies.. green babies.. way to go!
    ok, teach me how to use them next time.. :p

  5. That's so cool to grow your own herbs!

  6. Elin, where u get all those plants?? I like to have it too...

  7. I always want to grow my own herbs but I'm not sure if such herbs can survive in our hot and humid weather. Glad to know that your babies are growing well. I should start to grow my own herbs too! :-)

  8. Hi Jo...yuppy and they can make you HAPPY :p

    Hi Quinn, that would be the best gift if they flowers...yup can use them for deco on iced chocolate cake. So I must really take care of them well...my new babies ! :))

    Hi Gert, thanks for the thoughts. Would appreciate it if you can get them for me. Check out whether they can grow here before u purchase them :) The nursery lady told me that lavender leaves can be eaten fresh so I will be getting a pot this weekend :p So now I have lavender, italian parsley and rosemary but I don't mind having their seeds :) Thanks in advance :))

    Hi Claire....give give :p enjoy yourself in Japan and don't forget my goodies :)))

    Hi Kenny...yup and I am so H A P P Y :))))

    Hi Mandy, when you coming down to Ipoh again ? I can get them ready for you. Let me know at least a week before hand :)

    Hi Piggy...you can grow them when when settle down in Taiwan later :) I am so excited for you...lotz of nice and yummilicious food there. You are so lucky...get to stay in every country and rasa their food. Remember share some of these taiwanese recipe with us when you are there :p Will be looking forward to it :))

  9. Wow, smart momsie. From which nursery did you get your supply?

  10. Fresh rosemary is so expensive here! I wish I could do the gardening!

  11. Elin, thanks in advance ya...sure will let u know when im going to Ipoh....will email u my mobile no in FB.....thanks ya!!

  12. Hi Cheah, you can get them from the Hock Loke Siew Nursery , Jalan Chin Choon Sam in Greentown. Phone them first to see whether they have stock :) Tel :05-2435919 , H/p 016-5332810

    Hi Angie, ohh..over here it is expensive too..so you can imagine my JOY...being able to grow them in my own garden despite the so very hot weather :))

    Hi Mandy...pls give send me your h/p no to my email addy. :)) so that we can start dating (",)

  13. I was just about to ask you where did you get the seeds! Coz I've been looking for it for quite some times already. So it's special order from the nursery. Good! I'll check it out.


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