Sunday, May 4, 2008

Seafood is Piggies' Favourite

Piggy Gal is back for her 3 weeks semester break. Time flies and coming mid-May she will be in her 3rd year as Materials Engineering student. Frankly speaking, Daddy and Momsie just don’t want her to grow up so fast ….. we still want to have her around us and to go on pampering her till we leave the world :P

I cooked her favourite seafood dishes being crabs and lala..…coz at the hostel she doesn’t get to eat seafood. Meaning no crabs and lala available at the canteen . This is what I meant ‘ pampering her ‘ ^____^ .

Bought a kilo of flower crabs and a kilo of lala from the Central Market . Cooked the style she likes or rather the only style I know…hahaha anyway she and Momsie finished up the whole plate of crabs…so u think whether it was good anot ??? ^________^ Of course it was finger licking yummilious good! Haha…. yup I know…self praise is no praise but truly it was nice :))

I stir-fry the lala with lotz of chopped garlic and chili padi. Add a bit of fermented bean paste for taste. The Lala was big and fresh. The flesh itself was succulent and naturally sweet. Piggy boy ate lotz of it. Haha it was a pleasure to see my piggies enjoying home cooked food and I even managed to boil old cucumber chicken soup for dinner. I added a piece of dried cuttlefish , some chinese red dates to the soup. The soup was tasty becoz I used ‘ kampung chicken ’ and had boiled it for 3 hours on the stove. I did not use the slow cooker so the soup was a bit cloudy looking but tasted fantastic.

Dessert was the mango cheesecake I made 2 days ago and had kept some for her . She was delighted and told me it was yummz…I can feel my head swelling already ^______^ and you know what? She asked whether it was easy to make …. I told her I have some mangoes left so can make another one for her later. I can see her beaming away while attacking the cheesecake. Haizz…the best thing in life is when your children give you their support in whatever you do !

Flower crabs stir fry with fermented bean paste , sour plums ,garlic & chilli
when the crabs are ready to be dished up , add in one egg
and stir it till the gravy is thick. Add in salt to taste.

Lala fry with chilli and garlic

Old Cucumber Chicken Soup



  1. Hi new kid on the blog ,
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  2. hey, looks like you really really spoil your kids ... :)
    which may be a good thing ...
    love to get my hands on those seafood

  3. Hi j2kfm ^*
    Haha...u r rite :) They so blessed to have a momsie like me (",)

  4. Hmm...I miss the flower crabs very much.
    BTW, I've added you to my

  5. Hi Little Inbox,
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