Monday, May 19, 2008

' D ' for Desserts and Drools

Ooo … desserts are the most interesting part and I gave them a mizz. Haha…I tucked in too much oysters and too much salmon so I have to give dessert a skip. I ate some fruits and made myself ice-kacang with added ice-cream. Their ice-cream were made by the hotel chefs themselves. Very creamy and tasted fantastic. I enjoyed them very MUCHIE….heehee…like a small gal having her first taste of ice-cream.

There were a great varieties of cakes and some sweet delicacies but most of us gave that a skip. But I took some snaps for drooling purposes…* wink, wink ** Piggy gal enjoyed the food the most and I loved watching her tucking in the food hearty. for the album, Piggies and Momsie

Look! who enjoyed the most......??? (",)
Piggy gal and her chocolate fountain ...haha

Chocolate coated fruits/marshmallows....Piggy gal's favourite
Strawberries, marshmallows and grapes to choose from...

Malaysian Rojak....assorted local fruits ....yummz

my favourite local fruits - yellow & red melons...sweet and succulent

hmmm....we gave this a mizz...can't tuck in anymore
too much of cakes before we came to KL ^_____^

Fruit jellies.....hmmmm forgotten to try this....haha
looks tempting (",)

Can't remember what this is...haha
took this for drooling purposes (",)

The Ice-kacang section....I enjoyed shaving the ice..*wink**
made my own shave ice with the machine there
lotz of fun doing just that...haha

Added two scoop of their hotel made ice-cream to my ice-kacang
the ice cream tasted creamy and yummilicious
I chose strawberry and mint/pistachios nuts ice-cream...hmmmm taste good



  1. chocolate fountain is everywhere nowadays huh? clever concept, took the culinary world by storm (the buffet ones, at least) and not really so costly to set up either. I would've stuffed myself silly the desserts ...

  2. haha..yup smart of them huh. I guess everyone loves chocolatey stuff :) I would have gone for those desserts if I have not been such a glutton and tucked in so much of those sashimis and oysters :(


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