Friday, May 16, 2008

Super Noodle House @ Sg.Wang Plaza

Super Noodle House used to be our favourite place for breakfast , lunch & dinner whenever we are in KL coz it is near to where we put up for the nite. It is famous for their roast pork, chicken and duck rice/noodles. They served dim sum too , but we don’t really like it. Ipoh’s Ming Court is better . But their specialty is noodles. Now they served suckling pig too. A plate of suckling pig rice costs RM19 :0

Piggy gal loves their noodles and each time we go there, she will try out the noodles cooked in different style. If I am not mistaken she may have tried out all their noodles in their menu :) For Piggy boy, he loves their fried rice…especially their ‘ham yue chow fun" aka Salted Fish Fried Rice.

Daddy and Momsie love their ‘ Grilled Drumstick Rice’ that has a special ginger/garlic sauce to go with it. This rice is very special and unique coz the drumstick has a nice saltish flavor. I would recommend this dish for those who loves chicken rice :)

Those roast chicken/ducks/pork and for drooling only :)

Their menu is thick and lotz of choices to choose from...

Beaming becoz she knows what she wants for lunch...:)

Piggy gal chose this Pork Chili Sauce Noodle...has a sweetish and spicy flavour

@ RM8.00

Fried Rice with chicken /salted fish @ RM8.50
Piggy boy says it's YUMMZ

Special Ginger/garlic sauce to go with the grilled drumstick

Their special Grilled Drumstick...comes with a bowl of flavoured rice

Flavoured rice with pickled cucumber..comes with the Grilled Drumstick

Super Noodle House
LG001, Sungei Wang Plaza, Lower Ground Floor,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 21424749, 21424739



  1. hey, i never thought of frequenting this place all the years i've been to sg wang. and yet i complained nothing to eat in this complex. =P
    btw, didnt realise your 'piggies' are already in teenage years! wow, momsie really raised them good ya? :)

  2. little inbox: :) Haha...yup very Hongki style. Loved their noodles and grilled drumstick rice!!

    j2kfm : ^___* hmmm you are right! there's not one good restaurant here except Noodle House. It offers something worth eating.Regarding my 'piggies'..haha they are indeed a blessing and pray they continue to be good :)


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