Monday, May 12, 2008

A Hearty Luncheon

We had a hearty luncheon at Huang Tin Restaurant in First Garden. ( Sorry , can’t remember the road name ) It was not our intention to have lunch there . We were in First Garden to hunt for the thorny fruit called ‘Durians ’ but to our disappointment we can’t find any. So, since we were there , I recommended this place for lunch .

We were lucky to find a place to park our butts , for shortly after we ordered our dishes, the crowd came in. After half an hour , the place was packed. Haha… and we were served not too long and we had a hearty luncheon together on a wonderful Mother’s Day :)

' Nia Yau Kai ' - RM14
the egg shreds were crispy...yummZ

Curry Fish Head - RM16

Kai Lan with garlic oil - RM6

Claypot beancurd - RM8

Rating: Good



  1. Hmmm, yummy! Nai Yau Kai right? :)
    all dishes are my family's fav as well ...

  2. ' Nia Yau Kai ' = butter chicken?? Scratching head.

  3. Hi j2kfm :)

    Sori for the late reply. Just got back from KL. Yup, those are Nai Yau Kai..those crispy egg shreds are yummZ (",)

  4. Hey Little Inbox,
    Sori for the late reply.
    Buttered chicken aka as Nai Yau Kai in Canto . They are cooked the same way as buttered prawns .Haha...they use chicken instead of prawns lo :)


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