Sunday, May 18, 2008

Buffet Dinner @ Chatz Brasserie , Parkroyal Hotel

Buffet dinner at Chatz Brasserie @ Parkroyal Hotel on our second day in KL. The food served was good. I loved the oysters and the japanese spread. Dessert was tempting but I gave the cake a miss!!! :( too full to tuck in anymore food....haha

" International " was their theme for that nite. It was RM78++ per pax on normal nites but we were lucky this trip coz they have this promotion package on . Promoting their " International " nite , we got a very good package. Parkroyal guests were given this 2 + 2 free package deal. So, Daddy treated us to a good buffet dinner for the price of 2….hmmmm lucky Piggies and me :)

' Piggies ' and Momsie...guess where was this taken ???
Rite..inside the lift... we had so much fun together :)

Japanese spread...loves the oysters and salmon

I love Japanese food :) Had a few helpings....... ^^

Can't resist the Salad spread....tastes awesome :o

Can't remember the name of this but it is roast beef with pistachio nuts..YummZ

Yummilicious sushi... :)

Neither can I resist this ..... :)

Only the oysters looks tempting...took a few helpings !!
Succulent...taken with a few squirt of tabasco and a squeeze of lemon juice

fantastico ^^

Japanese spread...octopus being my favorite...took
a lot of the flavoured seaweed, sharkfins and octopus :)

will continue with the dessert pictures later. Stay tuned :


  1. wow! your family are so so lucky to have such a great mum(sie) and dad(dy). :)
    the roast beef looks pink and tender enough for several servings, as are the sashimis, and oysters!! 4 to dine, but pay for 2? what a steal!!!

  2. Haha...yup where in the world can you get this deal...4 to dine and pay for 2 :)

    Btw you told me once that I really spoilt them...I guess you are rite..looking back all these years we have indeed pampered them too much :) but momsie and daddy spank them too if they don't toe the line...(",)


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