Friday, May 23, 2008

An Appetizing Delicacy - ' Cincalok ' Sauce

Wow…it’s been quite a while since I last ate this appetizing delicacy . ‘ Cincalok ‘ is specially prepared from traditional recipe and originated from Malacca. The shrimps are soaked in salt water for a period of time. It is sold in bottles of 250 gm . I love the smell of the preserved shrimps….haha only Piggy gal and Momsie love this appetizing delicacy. The guys won’t touch it at all…..* sighz** What a waste ! That’s the reason why I seldom served it for dinner. But today, Piggy gal and Momsie yearned for it…….it added oomph to our food .
It compliments well with fried/ BBQ fish and meat. I can eat 2 bowls of rice if I have this for dinner ….it whets your appetite . Besides this, you can use it to fry slices of lean pork ….a dish I will die for. Will share the recipe of this dish ( Cincalok Fried Pork ) at a later date.

Ingredients used for this appetizing delicacy.........
3 tbsp ' cincaluk '
8 shallots - thinly sliced
7 birdeye chillies - sliced
2-3 limes - squeeze juice
Mixed all the ingredients together and chilled it before serving

This appetizing delicacy can be eaten with plain rice
or as a sauce eaten with BBQ seafood or meat



  1. cincalok! smell like rotten seafood, but much hyped about, especially among the Malay community. would love to try any dish that incorporates cincalok, but where to find in Ipoh?

  2. :) its the rotten fishy smell that gave the oomph... U sure you would like to try (",) You can get it from Jusco, Kinta City at the supermarket section where they sell all kinds of bottled sauce.

    Try it and tell me how you find it:)

  3. yeah, but i would prefer eating it cooked, the way it should, rather than buying a bottle home, for my family dreads the overpowering smell. OR you can cook, and I can taste some? (",) hehe, just kiddin

  4. j2kfm :

    :)) sure no prob. Then,tat would make u one of my piggies (",)


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