Friday, May 16, 2008

YummZdelicious Durian Puffs

On the way to the Piggy boy’s college, we spotted this Cafe selling crispy puffs. It is called Kafé 1A Crispy Puffs. They have a wide varieties of puffs namely the chicken curry puff , otak-otak puff, yam puff and their most famous puff – the Durian puff.

I bought 6 durian puffs @RM2.80 a piece , for our snacks . It is situated near the Bukit Bintang LRT station. It is the best durian puff I have eaten so far. The durian paste (80% durian flesh ) is thick and so fragrant. YUMMYdelicious to all durian lovers. A must try if you are around the area.

The name of the cafe selling these crispy puffs

for drooling ^^

they identify the durian puffs by the green stamp

Yummzdelicious durian puff @ RM2.80 a piece



  1. wow, the creamy filling certainly looked luscious! comparable to Kafe Happy Meal's?

  2.'s finger licking good. I have not eaten any from Kafe Happy Meal's so not able to compare. But this is quite good. Rating 4 stars :)


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