Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Multi-Grain Butter Cake

Ooops..... I read wrongly, the recipe for this Multi-Grain Butter Cake !!! Instead of using A egg I used double As. Gosh, luckily it turned out nice but not as light as it should be. And it got burned on the top :( . After learning from the baking class I attended a few weeks ago, this was the first time I tried this out and how careless I was in using eggs of wrong grades. (",) Haha, age is catching up ..I guess :)

surprisingly the texture of the cake was okay
despite using the wrong grade of eggs (",)

YUM,YUM,YUM and YUMMY...will try making this again
till this crazy passion of mine dies off ^ ^
Nay, I don't think it will die off until I die off first....* wink **



  1. A or AA eggs don't matter much, from the looks of it. =)
    my Mum used to bake a lot, and she baked cookies for sale last time during CNY. but for years she abandoned this pastime of hers. sigh ...

  2. :))...yup,looks like it. So, you too know something abt baking !(",)Ooh...baking cookies for sale during CNY can be a very tiring task. I salute ur mom . It takes more than just passion to bake. It needs people to eat what does not turned out well...haha like my two "piggies" , then it is fun to keep on baking.

    Hope your momsie will pick up baking again. :)

  3. What a special cake! Looks healthier to me. :) You are lucky to have your little piggies to test all your bakes. :)

  4. Hi Aimei,
    Thanks for dropping by.:) yup I am blessed.


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