Sunday, May 25, 2008

4th Baking Lesson

I had my fourth lesson at baking last Saturday and I still enjoyed every minute of it. And each time I am there, these thoughts will breeze through my mind “ Will I be able to remember every steps she demonstrated or can I bake as well as the ‘sifu’ ??? Or at least 80% as good as her…. And I tell myself… “ I can do it, if I come home and practice it ”

She taught us 1) Philippine Moist Chocolate Cake
2) Boiled Fruit Cake with Prunes
3) Chicken & Crab Mornay In Pastry Parcel

And we get to take home, a piece each (“,)

***The recipe for a successful pastry is a cup of patience
added with a pinch of courage and a dash of ingenuity. **

it looked like a parcel alrite and it tasted good...YUMMZ

Students' handiwork (",)

I took home a piece of my handiwork :)))

Boiled Fruit Cake....fantastic
this cake was made 7 days before by 'sifu' .
The one that was demonstrated took 3.5 hrs to bake so
she had to bake one in advance for us to take home :)))

Philippine Moist Chocolate Cake.....very rich and chocolatey
Good for chocoholics....:)
I have yet to master it...haha



  1. wah! the rich decadent luscious chocolate cake looks soooooooo tempting, even from here! =P

  2. my photography has improved LOL! Tempting leh (",)

    I have not tried it out yet. That piece is made by 'sifu'. We get to eat a slice each so I took back for my hungery piggies to try...If they like it then only I will bake for them :) Ain't they lucky :))))


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