Friday, May 9, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

Yessss…today is Friday!!!….I always look forward to the weekend . Baking is on my mind again. Sometimes , I am amazed how fast I can come up with something quick and easy to cook and yet yummilicious for dinner. Haha…a nice dish for everyone in the family.

I took out some chicken breast fillets and marinade it with some chopped ginger and shallots, add in 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce and a dash of pepper for 30 minutes . Lightly fry it till cooked. The aromatic smell of the ginger and shallots will whet ones appetite :). Easy right….hmmm….Piggy boy’s favourite.

There were no more greens in the fridge, so I ran over to my dad’s garden and plucked some mint leaves for making egg omelette….how convenient for me (",) . Chopped up some garlic and red chillies. Whip up 3 large eggs, add a dash of pepper and salt. Heat up the wok with a tablespoon of oil, saute the chopped garlic and chillies till fragrant, add in the fresh mint leaves and stir fry a second, add in the eggs and fry till cooked. Before dishing up, add in a tablespoon of cooking wine…. haha another easy dish to prepare.

Since Piggy gal likes prawns, I always make sure there are prawns in the freezer. Young people can afford to eat more prawns unlike Daddy and Momsie * sobz sobz ** have to be careful of our diet as age is catching up. I wished I could apply this saying to my life…. "eat first and worry later " . Haha…really envy the younger age group people. I thought of an easy way to prepare this prawn dish. The last trip to Penang, I bought 3 bottles of this special sauce called " Sos Ulam" by Wok Champ Food Product. It is suitable for sweet and sour fish, fried prawn, squid, crabs and all kind of seafood. It has a very natural nyonya kind of ulam sauce. I marinaded the prawns with a few tablespoon of this special sauce and just stir fry it in the wok till the prawns are cooked. Dish up and served hot. simple and easy. Luckily for me no one suggested anything that takes up a lot of my time….coz my mind is already gearing for my next project…. Whispering * I am going to make Chocolate Brownies for DESSERT ** :)))

Chicken breast fillet marinaded with chopped ginger and shallots

Prawns cooked in special Sos Ulam

Mint leaves Omelette...Momsie's favourite! :)))


" Sos Ulam " instant sauce from Chow Rasta Plaza in Penang Road -RM 7 per bottle

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