Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Steamboat Party

It is best to have steamboat when the weather is cold , especially during rainy season. I like having steamboat for family gatherings becoz it is the only time when we can talk and eat at the same time. While waiting for the food to cook , family members can chat and have a wonderful fellowship together. Though lots of work is involved in the preparations..especially if you are having the traditional pot using charcoal , I prefer having steamboat at home. It is more fun to have it at home than having it at the restaurant.

The raw ingredients for the steamboat( fish balls, meat balls, cuttlefish, beef slices, chicken slices, prawns, crabs , and a variety of vegetables ) must be fresh and the chilli sauce to go with it must be good. As for me , the fried garlic oil is a must. It goes well with the vegetables.

Last Sunday, we had steamboat for dinner. We had both the traditional charcoal pot and the electric one....* tom yam soup in one pot and ' yok chok chicken soup' in the other * :) There were seven of us and we had a jolly good time. My 'piggies' will be going back to college this coming Sunday * sobz, sobz ** am going to miss them terribly! haha...if I know them, they will come running back every Friday nite after their last lesson :)

the traditional charcoal pot

I used the hot plate for the ' tom yam ' soup... :)
it heats up faster than the charcoal ones

The fried garlic oil and chilli sauce is important in steamboat

:) )) everyone waiting patiently and hungrily .......

fried garlic oil

Beef balls

loved this fried turnip delicacy, crispy and yummZ
beef slices marinated with cooking wine

stuffed green chillies and lady fingers and sotong balls....

fresh lettuces...goes well with the garlic oil...yummilicious

enoki....piggies favourites

fresh oyster mushrooms


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  1. Lovely steamboat with my favourite ngau kearn plus the fried turnip :)

    Must tah pau this few items from tai sui tow whenever I visit Ipoh.


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