Wednesday, April 30, 2008

German Ring Bread - 4th Attempt

the greatest achievement in my baking adventures......
a soft textured German Ring Bread

This was my 4th attempt in making German Ring Bread and this time it came out as good as those made by my sifu. That means I scored an A for it…hahaha. Perseverance pays off at last. The buns came out soft and they were still soft the next day without any bread softener . Well, my greatest supporters of course, are my Piggies (",) . To me, this is a great achievement in my baking adventures . I remembered those days, my buns were hard and dry . And Daddy used to say to me those days… " Please don’t waste your time baking …. spend time with me better " . That was many years ago…today, he sings a different tune " hah…this is nice…bake more " Haha…dare I say that today my baking and cooking skills have indeed improved ???



  1. Hi Jackson,
    Haha..actually the taste is lyk the wholemeal bun except wif the fragrant smell of herb. I aso dun understand y it is called GRB..haha guess it is becoz you have to make a ring before proofing it.Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. You have such supporting hubby, so good! *envy envy* Mine will said, "Bake cake again?", when I'm baking cake. When I bake bread, he'll frown and said, "Buying is easier, isn't it?" Luckily my 3 little piggies are my ardent supporters. :D

  3. Haha...yup we are lucky to have little piggies who loves to eat and finish up all we baked..... when hubby was younger, he used to tell me this " Baking again? Aiya, spend time wif me better than baking. Wasting ur time baking cakes that doesn't come out nice "
    Now sing diff tune coz I have improved in my baking ma. :)


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