Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3rd Attempt

OMG…this is my 3rd attempt in making this German Ring Bread !!! You guys must think I am obsessed with this bread ! No, it is not that. It is just that I have to master it since I went for the class and have paid so much for the course, I have to prove to myself that I CAN DO IT!!!! Haha…. maybe the ‘ kiasu syndrome ’ is getting into me.

This time round…it was much much better . The buns came out much softer than the last time . I could hardly contained my joy and ecstasy and was shouting to Piggy boy to come and see the bun :) haha, luckily he was in a good mood so I could see him smiling and nodding his head in agreement that the buns were soft and light. He even taught me how to take a good photo of the buns (“,) I have to thank God for his willingness to share his photography skills with me… nay, he is helpful all the time..but just that sometime he can be moody. I could hardly wait till morning to phone my Piggy gal to share the good news… “ gal, from now you will have nicer and softer buns to eat ” . To which she replied “ Yay…. Piggy loves buns..oink oink . Mom…I have to study for my exam which is next week……….. ” haizz..sometimes , in my excitement I forget about her dilemma .

My buns are now 95% perfect so I have to practice a few more times and I know before the month is up , I will have a 100% perfect bun. I discovered that my old faithful mixer and tabletop oven did not let me down. I thought I would need a new oven and 4quart mixer like what my sifu has in order to be able to bake nice buns like her (“,) So , since I was able to produce buns 90% like her , I can shelf the idea of buying those luxurious items for the time being till I get my bonus…… :)

I cannot describe in words how happy I am, but I know I am still in cloud nine thinking of the soft buns. The only thing I remembered was , the first thing I see the maid in the morning , I told her that my buns came out very nice…haha and she was happy too coz I left some for her to eat. (“,)

3rd attempt.... 90% perfect

Half a recipe - makes about 12 buns :)

Soft and the fragrance from the rosemary, tarragon and oregano....yummz

fantabulous and yummilicious buns for my lunch :)

One tray for daddy & one tray for Piggy boy..their lunch



  1. Hi Elinluv,
    WoW... your German pastry looks delicious. Do they come in any flavours? You must be a famous baker. If we want to make orders, where do you sell your cakes? I'm sure your family must be looking forward to your bakings daily. Can you share the receipe of your German Bun, perhaps tell us the secret in making a good pastry. Do you teach baking classes?

  2. Hi Geller,
    Thank u for your encouraging words, at this point of time I am not able to offer classes as yet, coz I am still taking baking classes from the center :) My Piggies loves eating..haha so this momsie has got to keep herself busy baking new stuff for them (",)
    Haha, I am still in the process of perfecting the German buns ^^. The flavors are basically from the herbs, rosemary, tarragon and oregano. I am not able to give you the recipe coz it is copyrighted..(",)the baking center will have my skin for revealing it. Thanks for dropping by.


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