Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Soon A Garden Full Of Veggies and Fruits :)

Barely 2 months ago, my dad’s maid had sowed some fruit seeds and veg seeds onto the ground ( a small patch of garden ) next door to me. It was amazing to see that the seeds had bloomed into healthy plants and the honeydew plants are already bearing fruits…, pumpkin plants , maize , chilli plants , mint ,and lotz of other plants which I can't identify at the moment...haha I guess tomato is one of them and watermelon...and we shall see soon what other veg she has planted when they are fully grown

Everyday , after chatting with my dad for an hour or so , I will definitely pay the garden a visit…the best therapy for me besides baking . It takes away my tiredness and my problems the instant I set my eyes on those green green plants …just like looking at my babies…seeing them growing up healthy…(“,)

I really salute my dad’s maid. Her sweat and labour are fruitful now and I can tell you how happy she must be to see her “ babies “ growing up well and fruiting. Her honeydew plants are all fruiting as we can see from the photos. We pray that the fruits will be honey sweet :) Thanks, Sulasih ,for your hardwork and God really bless you for your kindness and the care you have showered on my dad. Taking good care of him like your own papa. I believe God is kind to me …you have indirectly helped me to take care of my dad and I can’t believe that I have a gem like you in my father’s household . I pray that you will continue to be your true self throughout your service here .

thank God the birds have left the chilli plants alone :)

the pumpkin plants takes a longer time to fruit

Honeydew already bearing fruits :)
planted 2 mths ago

groundnut plants all over the ground and 4 maize plants in between :)

healthy looking mint plants sprouting all over-
my favourite ^ ^
Spotted some spinach plants ...haha... leave it to the maid
in no time I have a whole garden full of vege!!!

it gives me joy by just looking at the fruits of my maid's labour
hard work no doubt and she has green fingers :)



  1. Wow! That's great! Lucky to find a good maid.

  2. Hi little inbox,
    Thanks for dropping by. Haha..yup she is a gem :) Btw I dropped by ur blog. Great blog :) Keep on sharing the good places for good food in Penang :P

  3. What a nice garden you've got! *envy envy* I live in a flat, can never have such a garden.


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