Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Perseverance Will Make A Good Baker

Perseverance will make a good baker. After the Saturday baking class, Ernest and I decided to try our hands on the German Ring Bread coz it was interesting and I would say the best of the 3 items we learned. So, off we went after our lunch date , to buy the ingredients needed. We changed the ingredients from dried tarragon and rosemary leaves to fresh ones. Heehee…the fresh ones are much better and can be bought from Tesco.

Unfortunately for me, my dough hooks are not made to take such a big load, so it was messy but after some time I managed to have the dough done. Hee hee…thinking of getting a new cake mixer…perhaps a Kenwood like what Ernest has or a Kitchen Aid like what the teacher recommended . Please could someone give me advise on this ?

I was happy enough to know that the dough turned out okay….haha at least the texture and the elasticity resembled the teacher’s dough. (“,)

Haha , I changed the fillings to smoked beacon instead of smoked salmon coz over here smoked salmon are costly. And anyway , Piggy gal wants to take back some to college for her lunch and dinner tomorrow. I have a strong supporter when it comes to baked delicacies (“,) Thanks Piggy gal for your support. No matter how not nice you will still say mine is the bestest. *wink, wink*** That is what encourages me to do better coz you deserved the BEST! Oinky…..

Here are some pictures which I have taken for future reference and has uploaded for this posting. Enjoy…..

Dough done- proofing - takes about 45 mins
Divide into 50 grams each and leave to rise - 10 mins
I enjoyed this the most - like playing with playdough (",)

Mine looks different from the teacher's ,
when it comes to dressing up the bread (",)

Just out from the oven - hot and the smell emitted out was fantabulous
due to the fresh herbs I used :)

The first set for Piggy Gal and d Boy
Changed the fillings from smoked salmon to smoked beacon :)

Second order from Piggy gal and D boy !
Yahoo...that means.........it's good or they hungry?


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