Monday, April 7, 2008

My First Baking Lesson

I can’t believe that I signed up for the baking lesson. I was filled with excitement for this was my very first baking lesson. All this while, I buy recipe books and follow the instructions from the book. :) It didn't turn out nice coz books never elaborate much on do and don’t, so you don’t get the perfect cake as shown on the recipe books. I am sure many of you will agree with me :) I have lotz of recipe books on my book shelf and those that I tried are from Amy Beh , who at least gives tips to successful baking. (",)

How this baking lesson came about ? Well , two Sundays ago, this church member brought a beautiful delicious chocolate hazelnut cake to church , her contribution for the refreshment after church service. To my surprise it was no ordinary cake. It was the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted. As as you know that I have this incurable passion for baking * wink *I won't let this opportunity slipped my fingers ...heehee ,I went up to her and thanked her for the cake and at the same time praised her for her talent in baking such a beautiful cake. (haha...I am up to something * wink** ) Then as we chatted on , she told me that since I love baking, why not signed up for this baking class with her teacher. The first thing that came to my mind was " huh…sign up for this baking classes…." . She must have seen my expression then,she assured me that it will be worth my every penny if I signed under her teacher :)

So,I asked her for the teacher’s handphone numbers . Thought I will call the teacher when I am ready to sign up for the classes. One thing leads to another and soon before I realised what I had done, I was signed up for the baking lesson. And to my surprise ,I even managed to persuade Ernest to sign up for it too. Thus, here are the pics I have uploaded and posted here for u guys to see what we learned from the baking class. Even though it was expensive , it was worth it. Haha, I think I deserved a break and I had so much FUN there and looking forward to the next lesson (",).

From left to right : Herbert, my teacher , Momsie

1st item - Chocolate Margretta Cheese Cake

Showing us how to do the decorations for the another cheese cake

A slice of the cheese cake. Every student gets to take home a slice (",)

Ernest helping out....he's the teacher's pet (",)

Decorating the cheese cake

2nd item - Nangka Cake ..........yummy

Work done....ready for serving (",)

A slice each....hmmmm yummy

3rd item - German Ring Bread with Smoked Salmon filling.
Ernest trying his hand at making the German Ring Bread

Proofing time....

Into the oven the buns goes....hmmm smell nice

Out of the oven...waiting for it to cool down before cutting it open for the fillings

Salmon fillings to go with the German Ring Bread

The finished bread with Smoked Salmon fillings...yummy yummy

Review: Worth the 5 hrs there and money well spent!!!!
A Special thanks to Mrs H for the introducing to such a good sifu.

Note: At the time of posting up this update...I am actually waiting for my German Ring Bread to cool down every student must try to bake what they have learned from the teacher. Thus, I am trying out the German Ring Bread cos Pigy Gal loves bunnies *wink, hopefully it will turn out nice. Shall post up the pics later.......tada


  1. hi.... i love baking and i love this bread too.. i'm interested on this class can u give me the info of the class?

    thank you

  2. hi im based in kl and would love to get to know such a good teacher too. Appreciate if you could email me at

    Thanks much!

  3. hi, im frm kl, and very much interested in joining the class...could u pls gimme the details? Im meg and my email is thnx

  4. i am interested to join the class. can you please provide teacher's contact details? thanks!

  5. Hi

    May I'm interested to join the class, can give the contact.

    Thanks & God Bless

  6. Hi can you pls give the contact of the baking class.

    I am interesting in attending.

    thank you


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