Saturday, April 5, 2008

Better Days Soon For BearBear

The Piggies are coming back….finally they are coming back and with all the stuffs I asked them to buy back for me. * Yippety yippety yay…my digital kitchen scale , Baking by Dorie Greenspan and my assorted plates and those ramekins…arr… *** Watch out if you come back empty handed…. *smack smack smackee ** heehee , how evil that sounded…….. ( nope I am a gentle angel without wings ) (",)

Not only I am happy , even Bear Bear is super excited coz she really missed Daddy. When Daddy was not around the last few weeks…...the maid has chucked her out of the house and into the porch she stayed till bedtime. :( So when I tell her that her two legged 'Daddy' is coming home this coming Tuesday…..this was how she reacted …see for yourself to believe……..

Momsie: " Bear Bear, don't feel sad..Daddy's coming home soon"

BearBear: " Am I dreaming........did I hear right??? "

Bear Bear: " Really! say again Momsie....daddy coming home soon? "

BearBear: " Momsie, does that mean my outdoors days are over and
with daddy's homecoming... I get to stay indoors ???
You sure I am not dreaming....... "

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