Monday, April 21, 2008

Fried Wanton

Fried wanton is Piggy gal’s favourite. I put together some prawns and chicken breast, chillies and some chopped garlic, a dash of pepper and salt…taadaa….I got a wonderful paste as fillings for the wanton. It is easy to prepare and yet delicious. Can be served as a dish for dinner or as a snack for the kids. Wasabi or chilli sauce as dippings….OMG it was fantastic. The ooos and arrs…are in order when taken with the pungent wasabi. Thumbs up for this wonderful fried wanton. :)

wanton skins can be bought from the supermarket or the wet market

chopped prawns and chicken breast meat
mixed together with chillies, dash of pepper and salt

wrapped wantons ready for frying

Ready for serving .....yummz

Fried Wanton With Prawn/Chicken Paste


1 pkt of wanton skins

100gm chopped prawns meat
80gm chopped chicken breast meat
some chopped chillies
dash of pepper
salt to taste
a drop of sesame oil
a teaspoon of corn flour

a cup of oil for frying


Put all the ingredients together and stirred in a bowl till the mixture becomes sticky.
Wrapped the wanton with a spoonful of the paste . Spread out the paste fillings so that it cooked easily.
Heat up a cup of oil in a wok. Turn down the heat and put in the wanton and fry till light golden brown.
It can be served with wasabi or chilli sauce as dippings.


***Note: After posting this up..I am off to prepare Spiral Curry Puffs for Piggy boy (",)
will post up the recipe tomorrow......stay tuned :)


  1. My first time come across the rectangle wanton ler...

  2. Hi,
    Haha...cute ler...lazy ma so juz fold into half lo. :)


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