Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The Beholder

These are Bear Bear lastest pictures. Just couldn't resist taking a few shots of her.

A Happy Bear Bear.... tongue sticking out!!

Bear Bear looking bored and what was she thinking about...??? :)

Bear Bear has grown so a young lady...hmmmm...
Momsie to Bear Bear : " don't you dare think of making friends with the guy next door "
Bear Bear to Momsie : " don't worry Momsie.......crossed my heart" ;P

** Yay, yay...tomorrow I will be going for another baking lesson. Going to have lotz of fun there.
Will be sharing more on the lesson in my next post. Stayed tuned :)



  1. When someone starts to have a two way conversation with a dog, time to take away the green stuffs...

  2. Have your heard of " Dogs are men's best friend " ??? :P


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