Monday, April 28, 2008

My 2nd Baking Lesson

26th April - 2.00pm was my 2nd baking lesson and I can’t tell you how happy I was to be able to attend this classes. The menu being Multi Grain Butter Cake , Diplomat Custard Pudding Cake and Spinach Spaghetti With Special Meatballs. Wheezzz.....mouth watering items..heehee

Haha…was telling my kids some time back that when I retired in a few years time I would like to attend baking classes to make meself a better baker . And before I knew how it happened , (GOD must have heard my wish and blessed me instant I guessed ^^ ) I was enrolled for this baking classes conducted by this special lady who is a well travelled and a very good teacher indeed. A very simple person…small in size but has a heart so big…haha a very generous lady in sharing her cooking and baking skills. The best thing I have ever done for myself was to get myself enrolled for her classes. The tips and techniques she shared during her classes are worth every penny I paid ;p . Looking forward to her next lesson.

I got good reviews from my three piggies at home. Daddy praised the Multi Grain Butter Cake and asked me to bake one for him *wink, wink and Piggy gal and Piggy boy showed the signs * thumbs up for all three items !!! Hahaha…. It will be no rest for me the next few weeks! ^_________*

Sharing pictures taken during class..haha Momsie busy snapping away…who cares …haha…Momsie enjoying herself to the dot.

Students helping out in the first cake - Diplomat Custard Pudding

Learning how to iced the cake ^^

Nice?? It tasted good too :)

Different design

A slice to take home - yummz 2nd cake - Multi Grain Butter Cake - still in the oven

Cooling time aromatic..those are pine nuts on top

yummz....see the multi grains - best cake I have ever tasted

Preparing the sauce for the 3rd item - her special Bolognaise sauce

Preparing her special meatballs - with all the healthy fresh herbs ^^

Fried the meatballs with 'Amway"wok

Delicious and the fragrant scent from herbs....mmmm

Teaching us how to prepare the spaghetti...a lot of learn from here

The very very nice spinach spaghetti with the special meatballs
and wonderfully prepared bolognaise sauce ",


" Cooking is a form of art & skill, which once acquired,
stays with one for life" - Amy Beh


  1. oh this class look so awesome! wow!

  2. I always thinking of wanna join baking class. It's kind of fun for us who likes cooking.

  3. big boys oven: Welcome to my blog. Yup the classes conducted are awesome :)

    little inbox: Hi LI ,Yup, it is very fun and now I am addicted to it :) can't wait for the next lesson. Baking is my passion.

  4. wow, the spinach spaghetti looks tempting la!!!
    too bad I can't cook. =P

  5. j2kfm: haha...very yummy but a lot of work ^____^.

  6. where your baking lesson? I also wanna join baking class.


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