Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Perseverance Really Pays

I finally got it right !!! * skip , skip, skipping like a mad woman *** Perseverance really pays off. I made the German Ring Bread again and this time it came as close as 85% to that of my sifu ‘s baking. I would considered this an achievement (“,) I did a post-mortem on the previous buns and found out that I have either…

1. over knead the dough,
2. under knead the dough,
3. over proofed /not enough proofing time
4. temperature not right * each oven has its own character (“,)
5. over baked

Thanks to Ernest for telling me that I should try to increase the oven temperature to 190C instead of 160C as given by my sifu. ( her oven is different from mine ) :) and I did exactly that. I set the oven to 200C and baked the buns for 10 mins . I tried out on half a recipe this time . I realized that it worked better since I am new to bread making, it is easier for me to manage the dough. The buns came out soft and not so compact. The amazing thing was it remained soft till morning and Piggy gal took some back to college for her breakfast and lunch today . She is a bun gal alright :)

we exchanged smses at 12pm today and it goes like this …..

Piggy gal : “ Ur buns very nice ”
Momsie : “ Soft ? ”
Piggy gal : “Yup. Softer than the last time but still not as soft as hers. Haha ”
Momsie : “ Haha practice a few more times than it will be as good as hers ”
Piggy gal : “I’m eating d last of d three buns. Damn Gud!beta than chicken foldover.”
Momsie : “Haha, thank you. Your r always my strong supporter”

( I can feel my head swelling................) ;P

Haha…I love feedbacks as it will help improve my baking skill and boost my ego (“,) More practices means only one thing...the family will have to endure the torture of eating buns for the next one two months!!! * sniggering ** but it will definitely be much better after each practice .

oregano, tarragon and rosemary add flavor to the buns..yummz

My second attempt..and it turned out 85% as good as my sifu's ;p


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