Friday, January 28, 2022

Katsu Curry

I really don't know what to cook for dinner. Search into the cupboard, found a box of Japanese Curry Mix, bought sometime back from MIDORI . And since I have chicken breast. I decided to just cook out of box  Katsu Curry/Japanese curry for dinner. Katsu Curry with Chicken Cutlet....the rich thick curry sauce with the rice is so yummy good  ! Crispy Pan fried Chicken cutlet as a side completes the whole meal. Meat Eater is happy, I am happy too. He loves it when I come back full time Chef in the kitchen 
I used S&B for the Japanese Curry Mix
Seriously good, tasty and medium hot
just perfect for the husband
I cooked the curry with vegetable only as I have the crispy chicken cutlet to go with the curry and rice
One box can serve 12 servings, so I cooked half box for 6 servings but between the two of us, we can two meals from one satchet of curry roux.

Recipe link for Katsu Curry

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