Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bak Kwa For CNY 2022

Its time to make these finger licking good Chinese Meat Jerky/ Bak Kwa in Hokkien and 'Long Yok' in Cantonese. I make them almost every CNY for the husband. This year I am thankful I could make them for him to enjoy, once a year affair. Lol, so pitiful . It is not hard to make but considering I had a recent hamstring injury and just recovered, I tried not to overdo and thus make a small load for him. Oven grilled is much easier than grill them over charcoal fire. Of course the later , is authentic and smell good. But just the same oven grilled taste good too. And making them yourself is more economical and we can control the sweetness too. I used the recipe which I took from Sonia in 2017. Recipe link is at the bottom of this page.

so happy that they turned out great

Pizza cutter is best tool to use for cutting them after the first 25 mins of grilling
Preferably to marinade them overnight in fridge for richer flavour

Recipe link

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