Monday, August 13, 2012

Stir Fry Salmon And Brown Button Mushrooms

Sorry for not updating my blog with yummy food for almost a month. I have not been well  recently . Had a bad bout of coughing.  I had been taking cough mixture for almost three weeks and that has really robbed me of my appetite.  Thank you for always dropping by though I have not been blogging much :)  Your support is much appreciated.

After having regained my appetite, I made myself this delicious and appetizing meal for myself.  Fresh brown button mushrooms with salmon and the steamed black rice, full of nutrients.  Love this simple to prepare and delicious meal.  I added garden grown organic basils to it.....this definitely add extra flavor to the salmon and shrooms. 

A friend gave me a packet of black rice and Bario rice.  It has to be kept  in the fridge to prevent spoiling and to be used up within 3 months.  I thought it is about time to take them out and cook them before they turn bad :p .  I understand these black rice are rich in anthocyanins which are are powerful anti-oxidants - prevent heart disease and cancer. They turned into purple burgundy color after cooking is slightly sticky and like the brown rice has a wild nutty smell.  I love the texture and it goes well with the salmon mushroom dish I cooked.  

Black rice is said to contains special phytonutrients, called anthocyanins which are responsible for the reds, blues , purples and magenta colors which are also found in blueberries and grapes. These can prevent heart disease and cancer and may also helps prevent mascular degeneration by protecting the eyes from free radical damage and increase circulation and stabilizing collagen structures.  Wow...after reading on the benefit of eating black rice, I would like to add  black rice to my diet more often :)

This was how I prepared my salmon dish.   I first marinate the salmon pieces with 1/2 tsp of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a dash of spicy teriyaki sauce and a few shakes of dried mixed herbs for at least 30 minutes.  I steamed the black rice. I cup of black rice to 1 and half cup of hot water.  Steam for 40-45 mins till fluffy and cooked.   I heat up the non stick pan with 1 tsp of olive oil, saute the chopped garlic till fragrant , add in the fresh button mushrooms and stir fry for 5 mins, add in the marinated salmon pieces and basil leaves and stir fry till the salmon is just cooked. Add a pinch of salt for taste if desired .  Make a thickening ( corn flour and water ) Dish up the salmon and mushrooms into a serving bowl and served with the steamed black rice.

Have a wonderful day !

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  1. Elin, hope you're fully recover by now.
    I also need to cook more of this healthy dish especially with salmon. Very healthy and delicious.

    Take care :)

  2. Your dish looks delicious. Mushroom is my all time favourite.
    p/s Hope you are better now.

  3. The combi looks tasty but I've not tried black rice. It sounds healthy too :)

    Elin, I'm opening my 5th Kneipp Giveaway to Malaysians too, if you've someone in Singapore to collect the prize on your behalf. So share the good news & come join the party @ Kneipp Healthy Feet Collection + Giveaway!!

  4. Very healthy meal! I love salmon, but every time I will steam my salmon because I'm having problem if I try to fry them, they tend to stick on pan most of the face this problem?

  5. Elin - sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. But good to see you back.
    I like the thought of the mushrooms iwth the fish.

  6. This looks very delicious! Shall try to make this next time, thanks for sharing. Take care, and hope you'll fully recover soon.

  7. Anncoo...thank you , I have recovered and got back my appetite :) yea this is healthy meal for me :) too ! mushrooms are my favorite too :)

    Shirley...:) I have no one to collect for me :p will most probably give it a miss this time . Thanks for informing !

    Min....add olive oil to your non stick pan and warm up the oil before you put in the salmon and leave it to cook before you flip it over.. it wont stick :)

    Kathy...yea, salmon is healthy and this is a great dish...healthy and delicious and simple to whip up too :)

    Cher...thanks I am much better and getting back my appetite :) so more food coming up :)

    Mich...It is delicious ! and thank you I have fully reoovered from my cough :)

  8. Oh dear...poor Elin, hope you're doing well now. Yes, this kind of viruses spread rapidly especially during durian seasons and its grow stronger each season. Hubby & my boy are both infected but I didn't gave them cough syrup. I only gave them vitamin C and also get them to drink 'gok fa cha' with licorice slices. Or you may also add in 'gum gen gok' Quite effective & cheap lol!


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