Monday, July 23, 2012

Pasta With Shrimps And Avocado Salad

I have been down with a bad cough and cold since Friday and the best food to serve is a plate of pasta....when I am tired and wanted something nice to perk me up, I will whip up a pasta dish.  To make it more delicious, I added a few shrimps for Wild Boar and a avocado salad as a side for my simple pasta.  The ingredients to go with this tasty pasta is black olives, tomatoes and slices of cooked ham and lots of dried herbs :)  This pasta dish surely whet my appetite and I wallop alot of the avocado fact I finished up the whole bowl of chilled avocado salad.  Simple and yet delicious !   

I simply stir fry the shrimps with garlic and olive oil and before dishing up, added a pinch of sea salt to it.  It smelled good even to an almost blocked nose.  Wild Boar and I had a wonderful meal before going off for our cell group meeting.   The cough was not that bad but got worse when Saturday came.  I hate cough and cold...really makes you uncomfortable especially when you are barking coughing throughout the meeting. the hardest was trying to suppress the cough  which makes the situation worse LOL !

I guess the tomatoes and olive may have made the cough worse...just guessing only ...just feel like blaming it on someone or something...and the best excuse is to blame it on the tomatoes and olives or whatever there are in the pasta :p

cooked the pasta olio aglio style...added in some meat stuff for
Wild Boar that is the cooked ham and shrimps....I would prefer it
plain ...with just the avocado salad, but nonetheless it was tasty
with the shrimps in it :)

the pasta is really tasty with the mixed herbs and
the meat stuff and the avocado salad is really
a great accompaniment for the pasta !

mix the avocado with japanese mayo and a shake of
dried herbs ...simple yet delicious

This is so easy to whip up , so for those who wants something
to perk you up, try making this tasty pasta with Shrimps and
Avocado salad !

Have a great day !

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  1. Ooooo....Avocado! Shrimps!!! I love this!!! Yum! Yum!

  2. This has got to be GREAT since it's made with shrimps and avocado!

  3. Aww .... poor you. Hope you feel better soon. Must have been all that partying too hard with them visiting bloggers! Hehe ...
    Pasta is a great comfort food. And avocado has lots of goodness in it to make you all better soon.

  4. Yummy! I love to cook pasta in olio aglio style too, easy and tasty. By the way, where do you get the olive?

  5. Never seen this combination before, but sure does sound good!

  6. delicious! i will enjoy every strand of the pasta here.. and the prawns!

  7. Arthur...yea it in salad :)

    Angie...:) yea it is delicious and especially with the chilled avocado salad.

    Ping...still coughing but very much better....arrgg...durian season I guess haha oh yea maybe I have singing too hard and cause the coughing :p

    Min...I got mine from Tesco. Wah Seng has the black one too :)

    Ellen....haha it is my own creation ...I just throw whatever I have one hand and make a delicious meal for myself :p

    Lena...yea, it sort of perk me up :)

  8. Delicious! You can't go wrong with prawns and avocado - hold the olives though :p
    My mum always tells me go easy on fruits and veggies when you have a cough (depends on type though) those foods are generally too cooling and make cough worse. If you cough more at night then its that "cooling" cough (no idea how to explain in english :p ) You need to eat more heaty/fiery foods: ginger, chilli. Some fruits are fiery too like durian and lychee so all is not lost. (No durian for me thanks!)

    Hope you get better soon!

  9. Oh, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. It is so bothersome to be sick with cough and cold. Hope you get to feeling better soon. At least you can cook up a beautiful, tasty meal, simple or not! I have always wanted to try Japanese it sweet at all? I don't care for things that are too sweet. It's a little expensive here so I didn't want to throw money away on a condiment that I didn't like. :D You meal is very creative!

  10. Avocado salad !!!! Oh me oh my !! And the pasta looks to die for ... black olives yum yum!!


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