Friday, March 2, 2012

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Wing And Drumstick

Wild Boar after recovering from his flu, has got back his appetite and he wants Roast Teriyaki Chicken for dinner. He has been itching to use my japanese grill pan ( I bought for grilling fish over the charcoal stove) and pestered me to roast the chicken on the grill pan for a crispier skin .  I took out some chicken wings and drumsticks and marinated them with spicy teriyaki sauce and rest them overnight in the fridge.  For roasting, I would normally marinate the meat overnight, so that I can roast them in the oven, the moment I am back from work :) I prefer roasting them in the oven than deep frying them. It is so much healthier and all the fat from the chicken skin can drip on the base of the grill pan which I have covered with aluminium foil .

Finger licking good and this new spicy teriyaki sauce, besides a dip sauce for the chicken, is also good as a marinating sauce ! Love the taste and in fact I prefer it as a marinating sauce for the chicken rather than a dip :)  My dogs enjoyed their meal too with the drippings from the roast LOL! Wild Boar enjoyed, the doggies enjoyed too...funny ! Each time I show the doggies my roast chicken, they will put out the tongue and give me slurp action.... hahaha damn cute.. right ?  They agreed that it was delicious too LOL!  Thanks to the sauce, it has made cooking/roasting easier for busy me !  All I have to do is chuck them into the oven and set it to 40 mins and off I go  prepare a salad for us both.   Cooking for two person is so much easier .

spicy teriyaki sauce adds flavor to the roast
good for roasting besides as a dip

I brushed some honey on the surface before taking 
them out of the it a nice shine :)

nicely browned after the honey brushed on the surface

This is a simple preparation , just marinate the chicken parts with spicy teriyaki sauce and a dash of white pepper and leave overnight in the fridge for the sauce to be impregnated into the meat, and roast on a grill pan for 40 minutes in a preheated oven of 200C  and 10 minutes before taking it out, brush honey on the
surface of the chicken parts to give it a nice golden color and the skin a crispier texture.   

Enjoy !!!

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  1. My, my! The skins looks crispy! I should buy a Japanese grill pan someday.

  2. Yummmm!!! Looks so yummy! My missus will just grill hers in the oven, also nice. Guess it depends on what you use to marinate the meat.

  3. i had a light you know what i mean? i better leave here immediately otherwise i'll also be like your dog..LOL!

  4. Haha, now only I know the use of gril pan, it will give the chicken crispier skin is it? I will get one and try it out soon. Want to buy this teriyaki sauce you are recommending too :)

  5. sure all flu gone with this chicken.

  6. That sauce just leaves such a delicious and golden color!

  7. Oh wow, they look perfect - crispy and golden. Great method, thank you for sharing!

  8. I've just recently discovered the oven-fried method for chicken ... and I'm so happy with it! I've never liked deep frying. Altho it'll never be the same crispiness of deep frying but this is just as good as it is! And I don't need to use so much oil too. Great looking teriyaki, Elin!

  9. Nash...yea it gives the skin a crispier texture :)

    Arthur...yea...grill and roast will be great with this terayaki sauce :)

    Lena...hahaha you so way you can be like my dog...coz you can roasts the chicken whereas my dog can't :)))

    Min...with the chicken lifted up on a rack while roasting will give the skin a crispier texture and drier :) The spicy teriyaki sauce is nice :)

    Wendy...yea , all gone :p

    Yummychunklet...yet the sauce gave it a nice golden brown color :)

    Kiri are welcome :)

    Ping...yea so much healthier and taste better too :)

    Little Inbox...hey long time no see you's the baby gal..time flies and I guess you must be busy now with her :)))

  10. This chicken looks super tasty!


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