Friday, March 30, 2012

Bento Banter # Bento 7

I love bentos and taking bento to office for either my breakfast or lunch sound good  :)  This is not much of a bento banter though . It is not those creative ones but just the same it is colorful and looks appetizing . I have just harvested a load of kimchi you can guess that I made some kimchi  onigiri , pan fried fish and a simple tomato salad and for starter... a kiwi fruit ....this is super delicious....all my favorite in a box!  Ever since I joined Bento Banter , I realized  that I really take the trouble to make my bento looks attractive and colorful...thus making my lunch from home more appetizing . 

Making onigiri is simplier than making sushi :p  Kimchi onigiri ....just the thought of kimchi , I will salivate away ...and when I know what is inside the box...I will be wishing for my lunch break to be brought forward! yea I am a greedy pig when it comes to food.  And not to overwork my salivary glands, I attacked the kiwi fruit first ...after which I go for the salad, then the onigiri and last the pan fried fish.   A satisfying box meal no doubt.  One thing I love about bento is I can control my food space in the box means smaller amount of food taken in :p

this is one way to use my homemade kimchi
and my Jo is in awe of this kimchi onigiri :)

simple pan fried fish..
flavorful and tasty fish fingers...yummy !

a simple salad with homemade thousand island sauce

I have a bottle of japanese mayonaise
and not knowing how to finish it before the expiry date,
I googled for the recipe and tweaked it a bit
and guess what ?  it was better than store bought ones :)
seriously...I am not kidding

Homemade Thousand Island Sauce
please adjust the amount of ingredients to your taste
I want it hot so I added more tabasco :0

1 cup japanese mayo
3 tbsp of tabasco sauce
3 small gherkins- cut into bits
1 tbsp of chilli sauce
1/2 tbsp of olive oil

Have a wonderful weekend !

*          *          *


  1. i also started to send bento lunch box for my kids in school. Your bento look more delicious than those i have prepared ^_^. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Next time can you make a double bento set??

  3. I LOVE bentos! Yours look fabulous :)

  4. elin, makes me want to try everything each time i come and see your food! how lah , like that??

  5. This looks really good, Elin. I would love to have a lunch like this.
    Great work!

  6. Elin, your bento looks so beautiful and delicious! I love your kimchi onigiri idea. I have kimchi constantly in the kitchen, so I'll try it this way one day.

  7. That's a great looking bento. I'd almost always order a bento at a japanese restaurant. Greedy ... I want to eat everything and that's the best way to get it all in a serving. But I doubt I'd do this at home. To make so many varieties in small portions ... takes some doing.

  8. Thanks everyone for dropping me a line...I have been kept busy the last few days...thus I can only reply all your comments. To make food look interesting, I will dress it up at bit to make them look appetizing :)

  9. Hi,
    From your experience, how long can the food last before it turns bad?



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