Monday, April 2, 2012

Pan Fried Spicy Hot Tofu Cubes With Mint Leaves

I have tried making this dish using deep frying method. And I managed to get it 90% as near as the one sold at the night market. Sad to say , they are not selling anymore. A great disappointment each time I visit the night market to find the stall no longer there.  A taiwanese street food...the tofu is specially made with some spices...meaning the tofu is a flavored tofu.  I replicate by buying the ' bunga lawang' flavored firm tofu from Jusco, Ipoh and cut them into cubes and coat them with corn flour for crispness.  This time, I just pan fried  the flour coated tofu cubes with grapeseed oil and I find it tasted just as good and healthier too. I still get the same crispness and same flavor as those sold at the night market.  

Garlic, cayenne powder , chilli flakes and mint leaves do add flavor to the tofu, making them tasty and full of flavor. Truly delicious and I can eat it as a stand alone dish...or rather as a delicacy snack :) I am a tofu fanatic, believe me, I can eat this every day and now come to think of it...I make this very often :p  Each time, I pass the tofu section in Jusco, I will grab two packets home :)   

Simple and easy cooking,
1.  coat the tofu cubes with corn flour and salt.
2.     pan fried them with grapeseed until they crisp up,
3.  push them aside, add in garlic and stir fry for 3 mins,
4.  add in chilli flakes , a few shakes of cayenne powder and 
5.  stir fry till the fragrant ingredients blend into the crispy tofu cubes,
 when it is ready to dish up,
6. add in the drained dry mint leaves...stir a minute , then 
7. dish up and served it either hot or at room temp......

if you want it more pungent hot, add in more chilli flakes...
I make my own chilli flakes from those dried bird's eyes chillies
left in the fridge for months :p  waste can be of good use
for instance in this dish or for making kimchi :)

love the mint leaves...the combination of garlic and mint leaves
makes my world go round and round...I can have a bowl of this
while watching the movies....

Enjoy and have a great day.....

*             *            *


  1. Looks good. I'm actually trying to think of alternative ways to cook tofu...

  2. air dried mint?
    purposely make it layu?

    Can I use fresh? Got a huge pot in my garden.

  3. Arthur...:) do try this is tasty and delicious.

    Wendy...hahaha sorry, typing error...fresh mint leaves la..what I meant was let the mint leaves drained dry...what is my mind thinking :p

  4. madam, you really observe every single item in jusco, how come i never see these tofu there? next time i must open my eyes big and chk out these. That day, after seeing on of your salad post, i also cant help myself went and buy that jap dressing from jusco.

  5. I miss this so much ! Oh, what i would give to have a bit of this. J'adore !

  6. The fried tofu looks fantastic! I would love it, especially since it's spicy :-)
    I'm hopping to see the cheese cream cake!

  7. The photos have me salivate....looks so tasty!


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