Friday, April 6, 2012

Asparagus And Bits Of Bacon - French Fridays With Dorie

Wow, I just realized how much I miss FFWD :) and today it is FFWD again.  I love asparagus with bits of bacons ...yea, I know I have put in more of those artery clogging goodness than what the recipe calls for :p  No way I am going to skip this recipe.  I made this for dinner last night and was one fabulous dinner.  Asparagus with bits of bacon, poached egg, pan seared salmon steak....let me tell you something, it does sounds a simple dish but the addition of  walnut or hazelnut oil and lemon juice gives you the sophisticated flavor, texture and looks.  To all my Doritas friends, I forgo the hazelnut oil and used toasted crushed almonds instead to give it a nutty taste and texture.  It was really good...every bite of it !  This is a make-and-eat recipe .  

This is my first time making poached egg and I love the didnt break open when I put in the egg.  The trick is to add white vinegar to the boiling water :)  The asparagus was tender young and the toasted almond slices , I purposely crushed it coarsely to give it texture and the nutty taste makes it delicious.  I added a piece of NZ salmon steak for some bulk or Wild Boar will ask for more bacon :p  He is beginning to  appreciate eating more fish than red meat.  

I was surprised that he gobbled all the asparagus too which is the main attraction, who doesnt with those delicious bacons bits on them :)  Dorie is really a genius to have thought of tossing the boiled asparagus in  nutty oil and lemon juices.  Truly gave the asparagus a sophisticated flavor and texture and it takes about 10mins to whip up.  Love it and will serve this as a side dish  for my other main meals :)

to make this poached egg, add 1 tbsp of white vinegar 
to the boiling water so that the egg white will not spread out

I forgot to time it...I lifted the egg out of the water
when I see the white has set and the egg yolk
wobbly on the inside ..I know the remaining heat will
cook the yolk....WB likes a running yolk

love the pan seared salmon too
this dish is a complete wholesome meal

I know I am not suppose to give out the recipe here but for this once coz my Piggy Jo would love to have this recipe so that she can make this for her dinner :)  but I do encourage all my readers to get the book and join us in FFWD and cook together and share our reviews on the same recipe so that we can learn from one another.

Asparagus And Bits Of Bacon - adapted from Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan


2 tsp of hazelnut oil or walnut oil, or more to taste
 * I used  30g of toasted almond slices-crushed coarsely
1 tsp fresh lemon juice or more to taste
3 thick strips bacon * I used bacon chips
1/2 small onion, finely chopped, rinsed and dried
20-24 asparagus stalks ( preferable thick stalks ), timmed and peeled
salt and freshly ground pepper


Stir together the nut oil and lemon juice; set aside.

Put the bacon in  a large skillet, set over medium heat, and cook, turning occasionally, until both sides are well browned. Drain the bacon well, and pour off all but 1 tsp of the bacon fat from the skillet; set aside.

Cut the bacon into 1/4 inch dice and combine with the onion. Bring a large skillet of slated water to a boil.  Put the asparagus in the pan and cook until a knife pierces the stalks easily, abut 4 minutes.  Drain , pat the asparagus dry between paper towels, and gently toss with the oil and lemon juice. Season generously with salt and pepper; taste and add more oil or juice if needed.

While the asparagus is cooking, heat the bacon fat remaining in the skillet until warm.  Add the bacon bits and onion and stir to warm slightly and coat with oil ( you dont want to color or cook the onion)

To serve, drain the bacon and onion and spoon them over the asparagus.

Have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends: )

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  1. OK- I am jealous in a good way :) Your meal looks amazing including those perfectly poached eggs. I have tried the vinegar trick but still made a mess. You have inspired me to try them again since even as a mess, my guys surprised me and enjoyed them. Your photos are gorgeous. So glad to see you back. I have been barely making it through lately (kid college stuff and such) and Nana has been a trooper handling all the comments. Does feel nice to be back. Enjoy your weekend ! (and I SO want one of those hot cross buns.....)

  2. Elin - yeah! Glad to see you back.
    Your asparagus looks lovely alongside the egg and salmon. Perfect spring meal.

  3. The egg is a great idea for this dish! Perfect

  4. did you know that whisking the water for egg poaching really fast and creating a vortex to slip your egg into keeps all the whites together and creates less fraying at the "tails?" :) nice tip from Masterchef... lol :) Looks great though!

    Alice @

  5. i love everything here, these are all so delish ! Happy easter to you!

  6. Poached eggs are my FAV - looks amazing

  7. It's asparagus time! I'm also having asparagus this week, also with bacon (but in a slightly different way). I love your simple and appetising recipe. Bacon and asparagus are perfect company and those + eggs are one of my favourite asparagus dishes.

  8. You've got all my fave ingredients covered, dear! The poach egg looks good too :)

    Elin, Do chk out my new post Limpets, The Poor Man’s Abalone & at the same time, take a look at my newly revamped Cooking Page & let me know if u like the new change. Thks, dear!

  9. It's great to have you back, Elin! I bet the asparagus was so good with almonds. I love the recipe we made last year with the egg - it just goes perfectly with the asparagus and bacon.

  10. Nice pairing of poached egg and salmon! The asparagus look good but I'm even more impressed by how perfectly round the poached egg turn out. Aside from the bacon, this sounds like a very wholesome meal with quality protein. Welcome back to FFwD!

  11. I've missed a few of the recipes lately as well! Looks like we picked a great recipe to come back to!
    Your dish looks great and I love asparagus with eggs! Perfect!!!

  12. Welcome back, Elin. You know I thought that this recipe had a lot of bacon for a side dish, but wasn't sure how to turn it into a meal. You gave me the solution. Next time, I'll just top it with a poached egg. Perfect!

  13. Missed your posts! Glad your back - and as usual you didn't let us down - great photos and creativity!


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