Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pan Seared Tuna With Spicy Teriyaki And Lemon Thyme

This is my first time cooking a piece of tuna,  and really when I bought the tuna chunk , I had no idea what to do with it.  In the end , I just pan seared it simply with the spicy teriyaki sauce and lemon thyme. You won't believe it, the lemon thyme really smell like lemon. I love it ! I lightly crushed it and pan seared it together with the piece of tuna steak...lovely !  And do you believe it, I chomp down the lemon thyme like a goat. Read that it is good for health and has some medicinal value to it.  Well..the herb is expensive , so better chomp it all down like a goat LOL!  So fragrant and great for the tuna fish.  I love fresh herbs so it is no problem to me taking in fresh herbs like thymes and dill.  I used to grow thymes but they all died on me :(

Fishes like the salmon and tuna , it will be best if it is cooked in simple way . Over flavoring it with spices will mask the natural sweetness of the fish.  The more subtle it is , the better, for it will brings out the natural taste of  the tuna fish.  Now , after cooking it,  I realized that tuna is best taken in sashimi way.  After cooking it, the meat turned a bit dry...maybe I have overcooked it.   Well, the next time, I will prepare tuna in another different in sashimi  :)  But overall, it was great though it was a bit dry. I whipped up a simple mango salsa and a simpler radish salad as sides for the Pan Seared Tuna With Spicy Teriyaki And Lemon Thyme ! Delicious !

bought this chunk of forzen tuna from Jusco Ipoh @ RM12 
marinade with spicy teriyaki sauce and
 a pinch of  freshly grounded black pepper

pan seared it with grapeseed oil...healthier than cooking oil

love this radish salad...just drizzle on with olive oil and
salt and mixed herbs

a simple mango salsa with tomato and gherkins and 
spring onion...a tsp of olive oil

to be frank, it tasted good though a bit dry .
if only I have the white wine around...then it would be
be nicer if white wine is added to it....waiting for WB
to donate me a bottle of white wine :p

Have a great day,

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  1. It does make a pretty picture. Tuna is very good sashimi, but this looks tsaty even if a bit dry, of course that white wine you wanted is good too! :) I usually pan sear tuna rare with a sesame ginger dressing. Your photos are stunning!

  2. daughter would love this! Looks awesome...

  3. Elin, simply adore the look of your seared tuna. Really tempting indeed. Any way that I can hop over to join you some time! haha....
    Hope you're having a great day, dear.

  4. I tried this type of thyme-really has a lemon's smell!

    Life and travelling

  5. Elin, love your combi of ingredients! The fish looks so divine & a glass of wine will certainly be perfect!

  6. i've seen the these tuna steaks in jusco too but dont know whether they are fresh enough to make shashimi or not..:)

  7. How delicious does the glaze look on your fish! Fantastic photo.

  8. Your photos are so mouthwatering! I had forgotten just how wonderful lemon thyme is and after reading your post I know that I need to add some to my herb garden.

  9. This sounds wonderful. Your photos look lovely - I'd never guess it was your first time cooking tuna :)


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