Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Simple Meal - Pan Fried Flounder , Purple Potato And Salad

I know many of you will be wondering  why I cook only western food most of the time, but actually I am an all rounder...I eat from East to West and I will choose something simple and yet delicious. I do not mind going to all the trouble to prepare something that I enjoy eating.  If I am hard pressed for time, like I have to attend a cell group meeting,  than even a bowl of  instant mee would be fine, but provided veggies and fresh shrooms are added to it :)  I can slurp down a bowl of instant mee if there are shrooms in it and still enjoy it like it is a five star restaurant food :p    Okay, last night, I prepared this simple meal for us...Pan Fried Flounder  / Ikan Sebelah , with some purple potato slices and a simple salad of tomato and lettuce with Thousand Island sauce.  I managed to get some Flounder fillets from was double the outside price but worth it coz it was thick and very fresh.  For Wild Boar sake, I bought the fillet ones :) and decided to pan fried them with just a rub of black pepper and sea salt.   Simple and yet delicious !  Chinese cooking takes a lot of time and only weekend or holiday, I will make special chinese dishes that needs lots of time in the kitchen :)

Wendy of Table For 2 or More  was kind to sms me that there were purple potatoes for sale at Tesco :) and needless to say, I grabbed two nettings @ RM2.40 each.  Came home and could not wait to devour them. Sliced them thinly and sauted in olive oil for 5 mins in non-stick pan , add 1/2 cup water and cook under medium heat  till it soften and cooked through , add salt and mixed herbs .  Dish up and served as a side dish.  It has a more earthly smell than the normal potatoes but I love it ! Whipped up a simple salad and  we had a hearty simple dinner last night.  The Flounder fillets was delicious.  Crispy on the outside and  tender juicy on the inside.   un délicieux repas ! 

these purple potatoes are from US and normally
it costs me RM 7 for a kilo but I got it for
RM2.40 - offered price :)

a simple salad with just fresh tomatoes and lettuce 
actually that was what I have in the fridge
and thousand island sauce for dressing 

 pan fried fish with grapeseed oil is much healthier,
for grapeseed oil can stand high heat and it is healthy oil

a hearty and satisfying dinner for the two of us...and 
Le poisson était délicieux ! - this means ' the fish was delicious ! '
Jo learns French so I must better her
 in this beautiful language  :p

*           *          *


  1. Délicieux!! I wouldnt mind eating that too!!

  2. yeah i got her sms too, will want to grab that but have not been going out these 2 days,, fallen sick getting better :)i'm not familar with this flounder, next time will chk ikan sebelah..

  3. I love this healthy meal! You're always good in cooking western dishes, Elin :)

  4. Flounder is one of my favorite week night fish to eat! It's so easy to cook and absolutely delcious! And your purple potatoes are gorgeous. This looks like one fantastic meal. :)

  5. A very colorful meal and a healthy one.

  6. I haven't cook mine. Actually hoh, it was for sale at 7.99, but old stock price slash, I also bought it that cheap, hahaha, but in Tesco St18. Lucky us!!!

  7. Love how the purple potato kept its color!


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