Thursday, March 22, 2012

Petola, Tofu And Shrimps Soup Pasta

Dinner for us was just this simple and yet balanced meal ....and of course needless to say delicious to us !  All my favorite ingredients in this soup...put it this way, I concocted my own soup with the ingredients based on what was available in the fridge :p   Throw in some tofu,  left over from making the Japanese Tofu Donut  ,  some sea scented shrimps and cut petolas. On second thoughts , added in some wood ear fungus for myself.  For the soup base, I used Knorr chicken seasoning or Wild Boar will complain that the soup is bland.  He complained that he will soon be turning  into a goat ...LOL, he can darn funny at times....For his sake , I added the shrimps and served his portion in a claypot .  Presentation of the soup pasta in a claypot makes the simple soup pasta interesting I guess !  :)  Served this with some spicy sambal belacan ...and someone even slurp down all the soup :p  Love the petola and tofu...slurrp !

This soup pasta is good for me when I am lazy to cook elaborate dishes. Lately, I am too tired to cook anything with lots of washing to do, unless I really really crave for something nice .  My gal is coming back tomorrow and you can guess what I have planned out for her....yeah Sweet Sour Crabs wrapped in Homemade Artisan Bread ...hahaha I promised her last week and I will have to deliver this Saturday night for our dinner :p  Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be as good as those served in the restaurant !  Now you can guess why I have been eating simple and food that is cholesterol less LOL!  Yea , to allow space for some cholesterol laden food this weekend !!!   

This is a simple to whip up soup pasta so no recipe
for I know from the picture you guys can actually 
make this without any type written guide :)))

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  1. I have no idea what is a Petola. So its a type of veg and can get it in any supermarkets?

    This dish looks easy. So the taste comes from the soup right..

  2. Little Lamb...yes it is a is the link to see how it looks like
    yea Jusco , veggie section should have :)

    and yea the soup is kind of bland without the can use chicken broth but since I dont have any in the house, I just add Knorr chicken seasoning :p

  3. Whoa, spaghetti in soup! Bet your WB will love it. NO rice pasta also can~lah. haha....

  4. claypot pasta?? nice nice! all of my favourite ingredients are here, yumm!

  5. pasta with angled luffa, love the new idea!

    Few weeksn back, when i was buying vege at pasar malam, i overheard a husband telling the wife to buy more vege. the wife scolded him back, "buy so much for what, U think i am yong mek mek (goat)ah?"
    The vege seller quickly rebutted her "Not nice to say like this. Ur husband wanted u to be healthier only" I almost wanted to burst out laughing, but tried to control myself

  6. the Wild Boar to be a Goat takes time though :)

    Lena....I did not cook it the claypot...heehee just served it to him in clapot so that it looks more special and delicious :pp

    Wendy....hahaha yea, similar in my case... turn Wild Boar to a Goat sound a hard task ! Strange that a man asking the wife to eat more veggie, usually it is the other way around LOL!

  7. Hi, just found your site and am very happy that I did. This dish is just what I love to eat, often. Looks wonderful, simply and healthy.

  8. Angie....yea it is ;)

    Suzi... thanks for dropping by and I hope you will drop by more often to drool :)

  9. Hey Elin! I'd just read you're one of the featured bloggers on InTrend magazine. Congrats!

  10. Ah...thanks for link! I didn't know what petola was either! We call it "See Gwar" 絲瓜 in Cantonese.
    Mum does it in soup with sliced pork and wood ear fungus (sometimes mixed with the white fungus too). She marinates the meat before it goes in soup - that way soup has flavour :)
    I didn't recognise it in the photos as we only peel the ridges away - not all the skin :)

  11. Hi Heidi,
    Thank you so much for the award;) I love your blog too!


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