Monday, March 12, 2012

Ipoh Salted Chicken

I spotted this packet of Ipoh Salted Chicken Spices Mix at the chinese medicine shop and looking at the front picture , I was half sold and after finished reading the instructions at the back of the packet, I was completely sold !   I bought one packet back to try out and guess what?  It was good and the taste was like those salted chicken sold at the shop, except that mine was more roasted and browned , coz I have the chicken roasted without cover. I wanted it that way coz Wild Boar doesn't look at taste but the appearance.  The instructions asked to wrap the seasoned chicken with aluminium foil ( by the way, the packet of spice mix came with a piece of alumiunium foil )  but I didn't and I was glad I did cover the chicken :)  It was one great spices mix - make up of chinese herb- tong guai , salt and pepper.  It was aromatic and delicious.  When I am lazy or pressed for time, I will go for the easiest and yet delicious method and this is one good one.  Just rub the spices mix on the chicken and wrap with the foil provided.  Dump into the oven and that's it.  Of course, don't let the Wild Boar knows that is a premix and not my own concoctions LOL!  shhhh.......just read on.........

The magic is in this packet of premix spices mix !  A packet for a chicken, but since I am only using two chicken legs, I used half the premix and I don't even have to add salt. It was flavorful and smelled divine.  Can't wait to use up the other half this coming weekend :)   You know, actually I prepared this for Wild Boar but it smelled so good, I told him, I want one leg for myself....LOL! so the poor Boar has to forgo one 'leg' for me :p  One can smell the strong aroma of tong guai  while it was roasting in the oven, so how could I not drool over it....and of course that changed my mind and I want one !  I offered some of my ' goat food ' 
salad to WB but he finds them not interesting, so I fried an omelet for him instead  :p

I assume you can find this brand in any chinese medicine shop

the main  ingredients are  'ground tong guai' , salt and pepper

half way roasting, turn over the other side so that 
it will be evenly browned.....

I forgot to grease the foil before I lay
the chicken legs on them...I have to make sure
to grease the foil before putting in the chicken
so that the skin will not  tear nor  stick to the foil
when serving.

A simple meal for a busy day !

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  1. I hope to get to eat that one day... Thanks for the pressies that you sent through Claire, Elin. You shouldn't have troubled yourself. Much appreciated.

  2. I'm already drooling just by looking at the pix. Hahaha! Hope I can get this pre-mix in my area. So easy & delicious!

    Elin, I've been nominated for this Int'l Women's Day. Appreciate if you could support this event & click on "Like" @ Support International Women's Day! Thks, dear!

  3. Arthur...:) you are welcome! She saved some postage fee for me ma :p Hope you had fun with all the lovely ladies ...surely make you feel like James Bond :))))

    Blackswan...yea..have click like :) Wish you all the best :)

  4. Hey, momsie, I want to try this too..looks easy. You got the packet from Cheong Kong?

  5. Cheah...yes...from Cheong Kong :)

  6. I'd love to get my hands on that. Do you suppose they sell it in KL stores? I always get myself a couple of chooks each time I go to Ipoh, which isn't often. There seem to be some folks selling the ready cooked ones here claiming to be from the famous Ipoh shop but I'm a little skeptical.
    Actually, I like your slightly browned chicken than the all pale looking ones from the shops. Looks yummier!

  7. Ping...I have sent you an email...pls check your inbox:) yea, many claims they are from the Ipoh famous one but tourists still prefer to buy from the main branch in Ipoh...esp Singaporeans and KLites:))) My Wild Boar doesn't like chicken steamed coz of their pale color so I normally roast them and add a bit of honey to have a nicer golden color :)

    But for this, it browned naturally without any honey. It taste good...that is my opinion of course :) I am not sure whether you can get this in KL :)

  8. okay, i know where cheong kong is..i also want to try..then can "cheat" some folks..LOL!

  9. Yummy, yummy! I can finish one big bowl of rice just with this salted chicken, hehe. By the way, where is cheong kong ah?

  10. Lena...yea very near your place hahaha

    Min...Cheong Keong is the name of the chinese medicine shop . They have branches all over Ipoh. They have one in 1st Garden, one in Ipoh Garden East and one in Gunong Rapat/Ampang and one if I am not mistaken in Menglembu.

  11. Looks delicious and perfect for a quick dinner!

  12. Your salted chicken reminds me of the ones I had in Ipoh last year...yours look so delicious, cant believe it is from a premix :)

  13. This sounds delicious. Your recipe is new to me although we love salted chicken.I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  14. is delicious and for a busy day, this would be prefect for a quick meal :)

    Happy Homebaker....yea it is quite similar and surprisingly from a premix..I took a packet up just to test it out whether it would be good and it was not a disappointment! Singaporeans love this Ipoh Salted Chicken and a must buy item when they passed through Ipoh :)

    Mary....the ingredients are basically just the chinese herb - ' tong quai' salt and white pepper. Smell divine for those who loves chinese herbs :)


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