Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bento Banter # Bento 6

I have not been posting bento posts for a  while now and when my buddy Claire went off to Sibu for a short holiday, I had to pack my breakfast/lunch to office.  No  'makan ' partner so to say * wink , for the last few days, thus back to bentos again.  I prefer homecooked stuff than eating out.  Since Claire is not around, I took the opportunity to pack my lunch to office.  This is what I had when Claire is away LOL!  Prepared a simple one and I love my animal picks...they are so cute and they served their purpose well as picks for my teriyaki chicken bites :)))  I really enjoyed my food just looking at them.....sometimes I feel like a child when I am eating out of a box with this cute little animal picks .....nope, don't worry , I am not into my second childhood yet  I am only 25 this year.... ROFL !!!

I prepared a simple lunch with a salad, aglio olio  pasta, heart shaped hard boiled egg and some spicy teriyaki chicken bites and of course not to forget my kiwi fruit makes me happy. I always attack it first before I eat anything else.  That is 1/2 an hour before I attack the salad. Best to take fruits 1/2 an hour before taking in the main meals for vit C will be totally absorbed by the body.  Second , will be the salad and last the main meal .....awwww I love the teriyaki chicken and it goes well with the simple Aglio Olio pasta. 

I woke up at 6 am just to get my lunch bento ready....of course, I  deboned one chicken thigh, cut into kebab size and marinade with the teriyaki sauce the night before .  Pan fried them with a tablespoon of grapeseed oil - this took about 15 mins.  While the chicken is cooking , I  boiled some spaghetti and an egg. When the chicken is ready, my pasta will be al dente then and my hard boiled egg is ready for shaping . I love my hard boiled egg to be heart shape , so while it is still hot, I put the egg into my egg mold and dump it into ice cold water while I attend to the pasta :)  Sometimes, I am amazed that I will go to so much trouble just to prepare my lunch but when I sat down to eat them during my lunch break, I knew the trouble was worth it :)))

Dribble some olive oil onto a clean non stick pan, saute some chopped  garlic, throw in one teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper and salt into the pan, add in the cooked  pasta. Mix well and it is ready for the bento box.  Arrange the teriyaki chicken bites on the pasta ... and of course added the animals to them :p

The salad is even simplier , just some cut purple cabbage, frisee lettuce, celery with  french dressing . Add a kiwi fruit to the bento box and there I lunch without Claire :))))   I heart this bento box of mine and I am wishing I have a wooden one to make it even more authentic :p  

love the teriyaki chicken and the heart shaped hard boiled egg 

you are right, I attacked this kiwi fruit 1/2 an hour before
the main meal :)))

can you see that cute little Piggy face box in the background
...given to me by my Piggy Cuz and
 I used it to keep my animal picks...
thank you Piggy Cuz for giving me that...
it turned out useful :)

*          *          *


  1. Very nice bento, Elin! Mmmm.... I haven't made bentos for a while too. Looking at yours makes me wanna whip up one too. Hahaha!

    Those eggs are so cute! I bought these from Daiso but in other shapes. Heart-shapes are nice :)

  2. Beautiful bento, Elin! I also love kiwi! Thank you for the 1/2 hour tip! I knew fruit shouldn't be eaten after the meal, but had no idea it must be eaten 1/2 hour before. Logical though.
    Your bento is so cute it makes me crave for all the cute gadgets and a lovely bento box next time I pack my lunch (I don't always work in the office).

  3. OMG, what a cute and intricate bento! Kudos!

  4. your bento looks great! i can imagine you must be smiling at those piggies picks when you eat these! Pretty healthy and light..think you should hv more lunch of this kind without claire..hahaha!

  5. Shirley....thanks...I enjoy bento meal when it is decorative and the food is yummy :)

    Sissi..thanks ! and thanks for the mention on your blog :) yea fruits should be taken 1/2 hour earlier as advised by the nutritionist :))

    Yummychunklet...yea it is the cute gadgets that makes the food looks delicious LOL!

    Lena.....hahaha don't let her heard that shhhhhhhhhhh :)))


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