Monday, March 19, 2012

Korean Fried Rice With Egg Sunny Side Up In Onion Ring

I  made another load of kimchi  yesterday which will be ready for harvesting this coming weekend  :)))  Yay! I am happy when there is kimchi in the fridge.  I know many people don't really like kimchi but I do LOL!  It has become a must have item in my fridge now :p   When I am lazy, I will just fry rice with the homemade kimchi , add some shrimps and make myself an egg sunny side up and I will have a hearty meal for dinner.  I never knew how much I actually like kimchi until I realized that I almost make them every month. Now , I do not need to refer or measure out the ingredients ...maybe I can make them blindfolded one day....just kidding :p  Do you see what is so special about this egg sunny side up....welll ,,,yup, the onion ring !

I read somewhere or rather someone's blog but can't recollect whose blog it was, she cooked her egg sunny side up in onion cool !  lovely and nice presentation when serving guest with this sunny side up in onion ring !  Your guests or family members will be thrilled to bits....anyway I hope you are !

instead of using a the usual aluminum ring, you can use onion rings
to make this egg sunny side up

it is practical and at the same time add goodness
to the egg...onion is rich in Vit A

the egg sunny side up in onion ring
goes well with the kimchi rice...great accompaniment
for the korean in protein and vit A

the shrimps add extra flavor to the rice
with the scent of the sea....mmmm yummy

I love everything in these Korean Fried Rice
the kimchi flavor with the sea scented shrimps
and the cheerful egg in onion ring
plus the lettuce and tomato
a balanced diet I would say...mmmm I want more !

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  1. We had something with kimchi at the dinner the first night Claire was in town and I thought it tasted quite good. Didn't like it a long long time ago when I first tried it in Korea...and also at a Korean restaurant here.

  2. sunny side up egg hold in onion, great idea!

  3. That's a great ideal, will try next time maybe for morning breakfast :)

  4. You've just reminded me that I've got to make another load of kimchi. You're right, it's a great thing to keep in the fridge ... besides the fact that kimchi is so good for us ... keeps us young! *wink*
    And I'm definitely going to make kimchi fried rice next. Can't wait for it to be ready!

  5. I don't like kimchi, haha, can't tolerate its smell. I love the idea of the egg sunny side up in onion ring, it's really an awesome idea, I will try the next time!

  6. Fantastic idea! I must try your onion ring tip next time I fry an egg.
    I also try to have kimchi always in the fridge (even though I started to make it only a couple of months ago). I am already addicted ;-) Rice with kimchi is amazingly good. Kimchi makes the taste so complex!

  7. I've been seeing this egg in the onion ring trick online recently. Great idea to use it on a bed of rice with shrimp!

  8. Elin - what a clever idea :-)
    This looks great.

  9. The plate of fried rice look so goo. Very creative of you to serve the egg in onion cup. I never have kim chee fried rice before. I should get a jar of it from the Asian store and make this.

  10. That's a very clever idea to keep your fried egg pretty. :)

  11. Best ever way to serve an egg! :)
    Looks like a delicious meal.

  12. I was actually making Chinese fried rice for dinner last night. I wish I had some Kimchi in the fridge (I normally do), so I could make this instead. And I love the fried egg in onion, too :)

  13. Mmmm fried rice is my fav!! I was completely obsessed with eating shrimp fried rice when I was little - couldn't get enough. Yours looks incredible and I'm loving the onion ring egg - that's adorable!!

  14. such a cute idea to cook the egg in the onion ring! where do you get your gochujang paste now? seems that jusco doesnt have it for quite some time..

  15. I just love those eggs in onion rings. Thank you for a great idea.

  16. Arthur...yea not many ppl like the smell of the kimchi but I do :p especially homemade ones are yummy!

    Sonia...yea one nice presentation..get to eat the onion and the egg :)

    Anncoo...yup , I find it a new way to present the egg sunny side up :)

    Ping...yea, we both know how nice and addictive the homemade ones are..don't we ? and thanks for the congrats...been waiting to get to Top 9 :)

    Min...try the homemade ones, they are much nicer :)

    Sissi...we know how addictive and nice homemade ones are...dont' we ?

    Yummychunklet...yea, the first time I saw how nice it look in the onion ring, I knew I am sold :)))

    Cher...great idea and nice presentation :))) must try is really addictive but provided you get the real good kimchi :)

    Tammy....yup, I got the idea from someone's blogger :)

    Kiri...yea, it is a nice presentation :)

    Red Shallot...try it the next time you have kimchi in the fridge...yummy good :)

    Lacy...hahaha me too...anything with shrimps would be appetizing and the egg in the onion ring definitely make the plate of fried rice good to eat :)

    Lena....I got mine from KL when I was there during CNY. Bought the big size one and now almost finished adi. For me a tub will last me 3 makings only. I din know Jusco Ipoh not selling anymore :( are welcome, I got the idea from someone's blog :)

  17. Hi Corina, this dish looks wonderful and the egg in the onion ring is a great idea. I actually like kimchi, but have only had it maybe 2 times and so long ago. It was spicy and flavorful. Glad to share the top 9 with you.


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