Friday, March 9, 2012

Japanese Sesame Dressing

After having tasted sesame dressing in a Japanese restaurant in KL, and discovered that I actually like it. I googled for the recipe and since then have been making this dressing to go with my salad .  I have been eating like a goat the last one week :p only Wild Boar kept to his title...he eats like one anyway ! Meat for him and salad for me ! Dressings play an important role for salad and I have tried many types of dressing...some are healthy and some not so healthy.  This dressing is great for salad with avocado and salmon in it , but I added jellyfish and tofu to the salad instead :)  I bought this white sesame paste from Jusco, Ipoh  @RM14.90 for a 120g /bottle at the Japanese section.  They have the ready prepared  sesame dressing too but I prefer to make my own dressing with the paste. 

You can have it  more creamy or less creamy , up to individual taste.  For me , I like it a bit more creamy so that it coats the tofu and the taste of sesame paste...aromatic and healthy.  For a creamier texture add more mayo , and if you want a less creamy and healthier one, reduced the mayo and add a bit more of the vinegar. Toast some sesame seeds and while still hot , use a pestle, press the sesame seeds till the oil exudes out a bit for extra aroma.  Thumbs up for this sesame dressing !

sesame scented dressing....I love it :)

my salad consists of japanese cucumber , carrot,
celery and frisee lettuce , brown  tofu and  
jelly fish

love the jellyfish in my salad :)

see how the dressing coats the tofu ...yummy

Japanese Sesame Dressing


2 Tbsp. white sesame seeds - toasted and pestle press 
3 Tbsp white sesame paste – Japanese brand
2 Tbsp. Japanese mayonnaise
2 -3 Tbsp. red wine vinegar - depends on one's taste
1/4 tsp. sugar
½ tsp. mirin
A pinch of salt * optional


Toast the white sesame seeds  in a frying pan till lightly brown and popping in the pan , removed from pan and while still hot, press with a pestle until oil exudes out.  Combine  all the ingredients together and whisk until well blended.   

*          *          *


  1. Oooooo... I think I'll love this.
    I used to see TopValue stuff in Midvalley only, You bought urs in Ipoh?

  2. Wendy...yup I bought it from Jusco ( Japanese section ) Quite pricey though. The paste is RM14.90 for a small bottle.

  3. Thank you Elin, this just looks absolutely delicious. i am very much crazy about sesame seeds !
    On a different topic, recipe satay Malaysia ada tak? thx

  4. Let's Go....I do not have but my friend , Gertrude of My Kitchen Snippets has the recipe on her blog- Malaysian Satay With Crunchy Peanuts Sauce.
    Here it is

    Hope this is what you are looking for :)

  5. Love this dressing on tofu cubes. Yum!

  6. Yo Elin, love the sesame paste. I have the black sesame paste from the direct selling stockies but not this. Must be so tasty. Thanks for sharing another wonderful product.
    have a great weekend. dear.

  7. thanks elin, will keep an eye for this for japanese dressing the next time.

  8. Yummychunklet....yea it is delicious on the tofu..great dressing for the tofu :)

    Kristy...not sure about the black sesame paste :) You too have a nice day :) can get this from Jusco , japanese section :)

  9. wow!! thanks for sharing!!! I think wat i ate in japanese restaurant b4 is this type of sauce. I like it so much!! I wil go n buy 1 soon. ;-)


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