Sunday, November 1, 2009

Riccioli Aglio Olio With Mixed Herbs

Using the left overs of tomato roma, italian parsley in the fridge ,I whipped up Riccioli Aglio Olio in just an hour ...using the same aglio olio recipe but this time, I added black pepper sausage bits and dried mixed herbs and garnish with parmesan cheese. Wow..such a simple pasta dish and yet so tasty and flavorful.

Piggy Cuz came visiting this afternoon and brought gifts for us from her recent trip to UK and guess what, she gave me a bottle of dried mixed herbs all the way from UK. And knowing this Momsie, the mind starts to plan what to cook for dinner and her bottle of mixed herbs came to mind. The aroma of the mixed herbs - thyme, sage, parsley, marjoram and oregano in my pasta really make my senses go haywire.... it gives oomph to the Riccioli Aglio Olio I cooked!

I shake lotz of the mixed herbs onto the pasta :))

and with the added black pepper sausage bits,
this Riccioli Aglio Olio is a one perfect pasta dish ! :)))

does this look good to you LOL! mouthwatering...yes???

**Piggies and Piggy can just drool for the time being,
will cook for you all next round....I promise, I swear...oops no swearing ;p

A big thank you Piggy Cuz for that love gift you gave :)
I have already used it for the pasta ! LOL!

Riccioli Aglio Olio With Mixed Herbs


Riccioli - cooked till al dente

6 pips of garlic -chopped
1 pkt of fresh italian parsley - chopped coarsely
1 tbsp of black pepper - toasted and ground
generous amount of olive oil
2 tomato roma - diced it

2 black pepper sausages - grilled and cut into bits
sea salt to taste


Gently saute all the ingredients A in a non stick pan till fragrant. Add sea salt to taste and off the heat and toss the cooked riccioli with the saute ingredients and the black pepper sausage bits till well mixed. Dish up and shake the mixed herbs generously on the pasta and garnish with parmesan cheese. Served immediately.


Quote for the day

" I detest...anything over-cooked, over herbed, over sauced, over elaborate.
Nothing can go very far wrong at table as long as there is honest bread, butter, olive oil, a generous spirit, lively appetites and attention to what we are eating ."

~ Sybille Bedford ~



  1. Bringing these for our breakfast tomorrow, luv? PLEASE!!!!! hahhaa.. pssttt.. any cakes too??? yo... salivating now. sigh...

  2. What an easy, delicious-looking pasta meal! The fresh tomatoes and sausage sound so good together.

  3. Elin, that's forbidden good looking pasta dish, the one with lots herbs atop is my favourite.

  4. Elin,
    What an amazing pasta meal....
    Thank you so much for the great inspiration on my site!!

  5. Your recipe sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Really very yummy-looking!!! I especially like the quote at teh end of your post - it is so true. Wonderful dish and so healthy too!

  7. @ reanaclaire : this dish must eat it hot...cheese cake? haha come collect tonite..hopefully it will turn out nice :p

    @ Cookin' Canuck : Thanks CC..yup great combo though :)

    @ Angie's recipes : hah those herbs are my favourite too...just can't do without them...they spiced up the food :)

    @ Miranda : I am looking forward to your one dish meal recipes :) Have fun in your new kitchen, though it is small but I am sure you will still be able to produce delicious recipes to share. You are such a great cook :))

    @ Karine : Hi Karine, you are welcome :)

    @ The Little Teochew : Hi hi...I love the quote too...glad you like it too. Haha I have to balance my diet...sinfully rich ones to the simple and healthy one LOL!

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