Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Korean BBQ Buffet At 'Riche Montana'

I will let the photos do the talking this time :)) I managed to snap a few pictures only for most of the time I was busy cooking for them to eat...see how lucky they are. Take the home chef Elin to the restaurant and they will be served well :p In our family, the birthday person will get to name the place they want to dine out and this time the birthday boy chose this korean restaurant- Riche Montana in Ipoh Garden South - coz this is the only place we have not been. So we had the celebration dinner at ' Riche Montana ' a restaurant which served korean bbq buffet. I would say the food was nothing much to praise about...common korean dishes but one thing I would want to praise about is their Kimchi...they have 5 types of kimchi....sorry I am not able to tell you the name coz I just could not remember the names :p getting older , memory shorten :)) Piggy gal and myself took many helpings of the Kimchi..... and most important we had a great time together. We didn't stuffed ourselves full even though there were lotz to eat becoz we still have the birthday cake waiting to be chomp down at home so we kept some space in our stomach for that decadent cheesiness :))

finger food for starters....bread sushi and maki sushi was nice
and the mini burgers and veggie tempura was good

I love this mini fish burgers with cheese....delicious!

the sushi rice are flavored...can't identify the taste though

I heart these cute bread sushi filled with ham and omelette
and cheese...for once I don't have to roll them but to
chomp them down in comfort :p

mouthwatering indeed...

Daddy went for the korean hot pot....lotz of veggies and tofu
beef slices , shrimps and fish fillets

dory fillets.. well marinated with wine and ginger juice..yumm

seafood delights....shrimps, dory and squids
while it was being grilled..the aroma sets our stomachs

the beef slices were well marinated with korean chilli paste
and fermented beans...tasted good

this is our favourite for the nite...
assorted fresh mushrooms stir fried on the grill pan
with kimchi......this is the best ever kimchi mushrooms
by Elin of course...put the home chef in front of the grill pan
and this is what you get * wink

mouthwatering enough for you ? :P

we had many rounds of Elin's kimchi mushrooms...:)))

Added the marinated squids in together with the mushrooms
and it tasted even better this time...flavorful and very korean-ish

try cooking kimchi with all the fresh mushrooms and
veggies available ...I am sure you will love it especially after
each grilled sessions...the aroma will
take you to heaven and back

time for some photos taking while waiting for the
food to be cooked.....just look at the birthday boy!
where has the smile gone?
Gals are somehow different...they smile more :))

I think they were both really hungry....see the way
they attacked the food!

see Piggy gal was all smile...why???
coz she knows the kimchi mushrooms will be ready
for chomping down soon....

I am most happy seeing him eating heartily
my baby boy has grown !
and he is 19 now :)))

** Josh , hope you enjoyed yourself tucking in all those korean dishes
and of course Elin's home baked cheese cake topped with fresh raspberries **



  1. lWow! That's what I call a proper meal! I can easily tell from your daughter happy grin and your son simply indulged himself in the feast!

  2. nice nice...i still haven't try this place...seeing ur post i think it's worth trying ya!!!

  3. its no 100% korean restaurant cos they serve Japanese too??

  4. how sweet. but having to cook one's meal, be it steamboat or BBQ is kinda sucky. hehe ... but thats just me.
    u think the spread is worthy of the price paid? cz I heard otherwise.
    but maybe someday ... someday I'll hop over for a visit.

  5. The "sushi" with the egg and spinach is called kimbap in Korea. Usually includes those strange, very bright yellow daikon. YuM!

  6. I love Korean movie but not yet try out any korean food! Hope to try out soon. But the worst thing is I don't take beef. hehe...

  7. Hi Angie, it is quite a complete meal with delectable desserts as a wide range of ice cream and cakes :))

    Hi Kenny...hha quite a feast though :))

    Hi Simple Girl...opinion varies, some say it is quite okay but some say it is not worth it. For my family it is just okay..nothing much to shout about :))

    Hi Little Lamb...mostly korean. the koreans have sushi like the japanese. Most of the marinades are korean sauces. The wife of the restaurant owner is a korean :)

    Hi is the waiting that makes it is interesting :p for a family of four it is still quite okay...allows time to fellowship :)) If you ask me, the price is still okay for that kind of spread. There are quite a varieties of seafood. I was busy cooking for the Piggies so I missed out taking shots of the rest of the food and too shy to go around taking photos :p

    Hi Tamar1973, thanks for letting me know that it is called kimbap in korean :))

    Hi Kristy, they have lots of varieties beside beef :)) I love their kimchi...stir fry with fresh mushrooms...yumm

  8. Hi Elin,
    I was browsing through your blog and my friend who works at this shop actually recognised your daughter ! Hehe.. Sweet birthday ! =)

  9. Hi Caitlin, yup it was a good meal :)

    Hi Weng, wow...really :)) she must be striking to be recognised then haha must tell my Piggy gal that :)))


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