Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday Josh


Once a year I get the chance To wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me no end to say, I wish you another great year.
So happy birthday to you Josh, From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply, Till they’re flying off the chart!

By Karl Fuchs

Joanna: Quick... make a wish first before you blow the candle
Elin : Hey, watch out dude, you nearly drop the cake!

Joanna: Yo...quick, I can't wait to chomp down the cake
Josh: hey, wait a minute...my birthday or yours?
Elin * shaking her head

Elin's birthday present for her Piggy Josh
a delectable cheese cake with raspberries topping :)

every bite burst with cheesy richness mmmm
the two Jos enjoyed themselves much with
slices of heavenly cheesiness :))

truly a slice of heaven on earth
see the shines on the cheese cake?

even the dessert fork glimmers in anticipation
it can't wait to fork its way into the rich cheesiness
of this slice of heaven :p

Today is Piggy boy's birthday but we celebrated his birthday earlier . We had it last Saturday. I made him this beautiful cheese cake which I learnt on one of the baking lessons I attended. I was too lazy to frost the cake with chocolate and instead topped it with lots of fresh raspberries. The raspberries were not that sweet...slightly sourish but it somehow complements the cheesiness of the cake.

We took him to Riche Montana for a korean bbq buffet. We had a great time there savouring korean dishes and grills. It's not the food so much but the great time we had together. I will be posting up on some of the food we had there , so stay tuned for more food photos :))

* To Josh...enjoy your youth while you can.....you will be 21 in no time :p

May God continues to bless you with good health and happiness
all through the year and give you wisdom in your studies!




  2. Wow, the cheesecakes looks really tempting. U did a great job decorating with the raspberries :)
    he must be really lucky!

  3. WOW! Pretty Cheesecake, Happy Birthday to Piggy Boy :D

  4. Happy Birthday Joshi boy!

    Elin, just to check with you. For the rosemary chicken of yours here:


    is it really 2/3 cup olive oil? I use that and there seem to be a lot of marinade for that much of chicken. And when you say 1 orange, you're referring to 1 orange rind right?

    Thanks and cheers!

  5. First a very Happy Birthday to Piggy Boy. I do agree with you raspberry does cut down the cheeseness.. I did that on my cheese tarts too except that next that the puree I have to add sugar.

  6. Happy birthday Josh! Best wishes to you and your future. Great look cheesecake Elin.

  7. On behalf of Josh, I would like to thank all of you for the birthday wishes to him :))

    Kenny: Thanks :)

    Tracie : He is lucky..he ate the most of his cake :))

    Anncoo : Thanks :)

    Quinn : Thanks. It is correct, the olive oil and orange juice are for marinating the chicken drumsticks but you don't bake them together with the drumstick. You only use the reserved marinade to brush on the drumsticks as they are baking in the oven. If you find the olive oil too much then you can reduce to 1/3 cup. Hope this helps :))

    My leisure Enjoyment: Yup, the raspberry is a good topping for a cheesecake :) Thanks for the birthday wishes for Josh :)

    Hi Gertrude, thanks for the birthday wishes for Josh :) and haha gosh the cheesecake did turn out well too :)


    May your life be continued with great Blessings from Our God Almighty!!!

    now to your mum Elinluv..
    If i known u have baked such a beautiful outrageous incredible that is so tempting, I would have drove my car at full speed last saturday just to savor the cake!!!
    mam..u r really something! now i need some tissues to wipe something dripping here.. Gosh!

  9. Both of them grow up already, great job, Elin, haha...

  10. what a delicious cheescake!happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday Josh. Elin, you baked such a lovely cheesecake. Well done.

  12. Hey hey, thx everyone for the birthday wishes...a wonderful birthday no doubt !!


  13. Sounds like he had an awesome birthday. Korean dinner and cheesecake? Delicious!

  14. Hi Claire...you have tasted before the cheese cake so no wonder saliva dripping juz drooling at it now..it sure brings back sweet memories and cravings! :p Thanks for the birthday wishes :))

    Hi Little Inbox...thanks :))

    Hi Little Lamb, Josh say thanks for the birthday wishes:)

    Hi Alison, thanks for the birthday wishes..and the cake is delicious * slurp slurp :))

    Hi Mary, thanks for the birthday wishes. Thank God the cake turned out great :)

    Josh..hope you enjoyed yourself!

    Hi TEAH, haha yup we had a great time with the food and cake :) and thanks for dropping by :))

  15. Happy birthday Josh...!!! nice cake yummm :))

  16. Hi Zurin,
    Josh says thanks for the birthday wishes :))

  17. Alright, your boy boy is all grown up lol! The best thing is he's in good health. Happy Belated Birthday,Josh! And the cake looks perfect! Well done, momsie!

  18. Hey thanks lots Kristy for the birthday wishes :)


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