Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cooling Winter Melon Dessert

After all the deep fried , hot and spicy dishes taken the last few days, I steamed this winter melon for 2 hours with dried longans and cane sugar to cool down the body system as we chinese are fond of observing such belief. Straight after work, I put the winter melon to be steamed under medium heat for 2 hours and it was just in time for a after dinner dessert. It was so delicious and I took two bowls of this sweet cooling dessert. I was surprised Daddy took two bowls too * wink ( it must be good for him to want another bowl of this delicious sweetness )

Wash the outside of the melon clean..cut off the top and scoop out the seeds

put in the dried longans and cane sugar and
add in hot water..3/4 full and
cover back with the cut off top. Let the melon sit on
a big bowl and steamed in a steamer over
medium heat for 2 hours.

this good for health..take off the heat from our

I love dried longans so I put in more :p

a bowl of deliciousness to die for ...

Cooling Winter Melon Dessert


1 medium sized winter melon - washed and cleaned

50 gm of dried longans
2 pieces of cane sugar or rock sugar
3 cups of hot water


Wash and clean the winter melon. Cut off the top and scoop out the seeds. Put in the dried longans and rock sugar/cane sugar and top up with hot water till 3/4 full. Cover back the top and let the melon sit on a big bowl . Put in the steamer under medium heat and steam for 2 hours. Constantly check on the steamer and see that there is enough water for the steaming.

Scoop the melon pulp together with the sweet soup when serving. Serve it hot or chilled.


Quote for the day

" ...planning a brilliant menu and preparing it
beautifully doesn't guarantee a recipe for
success. It's pointless giving painstaking thought
to food, if you haven't given food to thought
The truth is, people are the most
important ingredient. "

~ Kathy Lette ~


  1. after our durian fest yesterday, this melon is just great to cool down the body heat.. but then, i know it is not enough for me :(
    its been many years since i last took this, actually...

  2. Wow! What a nourishing dessert! Haven't tried this before but it looks so delicious.

  3. this should be very cooling.. I've tried it as soup with dried scallops. it's my first time seeing it as a dessert and it looks good :)

  4. This is my kids favourite dessert. I used to grate the melon because my son said it looks like bird nest when I cooked like that. haha....

  5. This is definitely one of my favourite tong sui. Thanks for sharing the unique idea of making the melon as a bowl.

  6. This is truly nourishing, cools down the body heat. Haven't had this for a long, long time.

  7. Elin, just wondering whether do you scrap the winter melon flesh and eat it as well or not?

  8. This are great perfect after eating way too much. I haven't had this dessert yet and it would great try this if i find the ingredients. :D

  9. this one looks i got time i really need to try it la...looks so yummy!!

  10. Oh my... I must have this recipe to impress hubby hahahhaha..

  11. Hi Claire, yeah..after all those durians you had....better thake this to cool down :p you are already HOT! *wink

    Hi Food For love this sweet soup for dessert too :))

    Hi Tracie...yeah is nice cooked with chicken or scallop or as a sweet dessert :) Either way it is yummy !

    Hi Kristy...yup a favourite with kids and adults...haha good idea to grate fake bird nest :))

    Hi Sammy, yess it is a good idea esp for food blogger like me..something to show to readers :p

    Hi Cheah...yup , that's what the old folks tell us when we were young.

    Hi Wuinn..yes you can et the flesh together with the taste good

  12. Hi Divina...its good for taking off the heatiness in us :) Do try this out...delicious no doubt :))

    Hi good of you to drop by and drool whenever you are hungry :p Do try this out simply delicious and good for the body..esp you travel around so much and tucking in all the good food all the time :p

    Hi Cath J.. haha yup do try and impress the Lord of the house :p


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