Sunday, November 29, 2009

Baked Dressed Potato Halves

I love potatoes cooked in any way...boiled, baked, fried or it and I will gobble it down :)) Yup I am a big fan of potato * wink but becoz of its starch content, I cook them once in a blue moon. For this once, I boiled it till cook, cut into halve , scoop out the potato from its jacket and mixed with mustard & dill sauce, chopped parsley and rosemary, grated cheddar cheese, black pepper , cajun powder, olive oil and sea salt. Fill the potato mixture into the jackets and topped with more cheddar cheese. Drizzle more olive oil on to the filled up potatoes and baked in a preheated oven at 200 C for 25 minutes or till golden brown. Simple yet delicious.

scoop the potato out of its jacket and mixed it with
mustard & dill sauceblack pepper, chopped parsley
& rosemary, cajun powder ,olive oil
and sea salt and let it stand for 15 minutes
till the ingredients have infused into the potato

cajun gives spiciness and cheddar cheese adds flavor
to the potato fill back the potato mixture into its jackets

topped with cheddar cheese and drizzle lots of olive oil ...mmmmm

mmm...this is one favourite style of baked potato...well dressed :p

every mouthful is cheesilicious-ly delicious! yummm

Baked Dressed Potato Halves

ingredients :

2 large potatoes - boiled and halves

1.5 tbsp of mustard & dill sauce
1 tsp of toasted black pepper - crushed
1 tsp of cajun powder
3 tbsp of grated cheddar cheese
few sprigs of fresh italian parsley & rosemary - chopped
2 tbsp of olive oil
sea salt to taste


extra grated cheese & some rosemary for deco


Preheat the oven at 200C .

Scoop out the cooked potato out of its jackets. Add in all the ingredients A into the scoop potato and mixed till well combined. Let it stand for 15 mins. Filled back into their jackets and topped with more grated cheddar cheese and decorate with sprigs of rosemary. Placed them on a baking sheet and drizzle olive oil on to the potatoes ready for baking. Bake in the oven at 200 C for 25 mins or till golden brown. Serve as an appetizer.

Quote for the day

" It is wonderful, if we chose the right diet, what
an extraordinarily small quantity would suffice "

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~



  1. Hi Elin, I love potatoes too. I'd gobble the potatoes if any in my menu but skip the rice :) I've never tried baked potatoes. Looking at the photos, it's worth trying. Topped with cheese..yum!

    Btw, did u receive invites to my blog via email?

  2. ooo u r making me hungry..
    nice..i m sure its soooooo delicious.

  3. yooo..hoooo... i m back.. back to seeing your blog at last! how is it? must be cheesy.. gosh, that must be fattening but u r still slim.. and gentle.. so ok lar..

  4. This is great for my saturday pot luck! everyone's gona love cheese and potatoes..!

  5. hihii..I want to make this as my Light Meal.

  6. Aha! My daughter loves potatoes! Must tell her about this recipe. I'm sure she'll want to try it out! Tnx, Elin!

  7. Hi Mysweetkitchen...yup do try it out...nice combo cheese and potato :)

    Hi Little Lamb...LOL! it does make me hungry too :)

    Hi Claire....I shared my fat with you so I can be slim :))

    Hi Zurin...LOL that's all you can say!

    Hi Tracie.....yes good for pot bless. Great idea for me too:)

    Hi Anncoo...haha got ahead and make them...delicious the spices and herbs makes the potato tasty and flavorful...cheese too yummy!

    Hi STP...oh Melissa loves must tell her then :)) Regards to the Mrs :))

    Hi Noelle...thanks :)

  8. Oh yum!! I absolutely love potatoes in their jackets, and yours looks absolutely lovely... =)

  9. Normally baked potatoes don't look that appealing to me, but these look so succulent that you have made me want one, for real.

  10. These look like they're bursting with flavor! Will you send one over? :)

  11. Hi Shelly....haha yup for bland potato this is the best we can do to bring out the goodness of potato...blend them with cheese and spices and herbs and we get a potatoe bursting with flavor :))
    Welcome to take one thru the Window LOL! Thanks for dropping by :))

  12. My kids would love this. Potatoes cheese and herbs, how cool is that!

  13. Hi Shirley....haha yup kids will love it if they are flavorful with cheese and herbs :)

  14. I made this last week and my kids love it so much! I like it too. Smell terribly good, isn't it?

  15. I haven't done any baked potatoes yet. Yours look so scrumptious!


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