Friday, November 20, 2009

Stir Fried Curly Lettuce With Fermented Beancurd

I love greens and I know for sure I don't have the name of this veggie...I gave it a name though..curly lettuce :) but I know for sure that I heart this curly lettuce especially just lightly stir fry it. It is sweet and has a crunch. But for today, I stir fry these curly lettuce with chillies, garlic and fermented beancurd. This is the family favourite dish. The aroma of the fermented beancurd being saute was enough to set my stomach drumming away. The garlic and chillies added flavor to the lettuce and combined together it was really a wonderful dish. This dish is best served hot with a plate of hot brown rice. :)) a very appetizing greens dish.

the 4 important ingredients that made this dish delicious
bottom : chopped garlic
top : the 'curly lettuce'
left : chilli pad
right : the fermented beancurd

I don't like my veggie to be overcooked so I normally
just stir fry them till they are just cooked
and dish up...they still look green and crunchy

the fermented beancurd sauted together with the
garlic and chillies truly add flavor to 'curly lettuce'

Stir Fry ' Curly Lettuce' With Fermented Beancurd


300 gm of ' curly lettuce ' - washed and drained
2 pieces of fermented beancurd
3 pips of garlic - chopped
2 bird eye's chillies - cut into halves and remove seeds
2 tbsp of olive oil


Saute fermented beancurd and garlic with 2 tbsp of olive oil in a wok under medium heat , add in the chillies and stir fry till fragrant. Add in the ' curly lettuce ' and continue to stir fry till the veggie is cooked. Dish up and seve hot with rice.




  1. I like to stir fry lettuce too but Carlos think I am weird. For him lettuce should be taken raw as salad :)

  2. Ooo... I love this dish! There's a restaurant that fries this with lard. All the more yummier. Hehe.

  3. The name of your "Curly Lettuce" is: Little Gem
    One of my fav lettuces so I will definitely try your recipe, so I will have a new way of eating it.

  4. Elin, u made the "curly lettuce" looks so real in your post that i feel like taking a leaf and putting them in my mouth... :) i love fermented beancurd too, it goes well with my plain porridge!

  5. I love this veggie too, but don't know the name. I like to have this in my sandwhich, prefer this to lettuce.

  6. Elin, this lovely veggie is a favourite of mine too and previously love to stir-fry the same way you do. It's so yummy, but now I've omitted the fermented beancurd due to my better half's restricted diet.
    Have a lovely day!

  7. Gert : LOL! then he really miss something so nice and yummy :))

    Sammi_ysh : Ohhhh sound nice with the lard oil but for health sake I think I still prefer my olive oil :))

    Rosalind : Thanks for the info :p I din know it is called Little Gem haha I really must learn the names from now on otherwise it will be hard to blog about them :))

    Claire: Haha, clever chef never overcook their greens :p

    Cheah: heehee, and I thought I am the only one who doesn't know the name so we can shake hands :))

    Jacqueline : Hi ,nice to meet you and I love your blog ...very informative thanks to Cheah for the intro :) You too have a nice day :))

  8. I love the name. It fits the lettuce. I love the dish too. Simple and delicious.

  9. Hi Divina...yup curly lettuce is apt for it :) and this dish is simple and yummy :)

  10. looks simple but delicious. The fermented bean curd adds beautiful flavour to the dish. My friend uses it to cook sweet potato leaves.....very delicious...yum

  11. Mary, yessss beancurd with potato leaves is delicious too :))

  12. This variety of lettuce is called romaine lettuce or yau mark in cantonese. Cesear's salad uses romaine lettuce. I ate a similar dish in Hongkong for dim sum lunch and they use ice-berg lettuce, sesame sauce and without the chilly. I was looking for a recipe to make this, will try it out soon. Thanks.

  13. Hi Elin I just left a comment on your curly lettuce dish and would like to leave my contact for your comment or if you like we can just be in touch ~ Persimmon

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