Monday, November 30, 2009

Ginger Braised Chicken Legs

Sometimes I just don't know what to cook for dinner especially for just two person :p To make things easy , I took out two chicken legs from the freezer , thawed it and braised them with ginger and sesame oil. Wow....the aroma of ginger and sesame oil can tinkle your smell sensory and send your salivary glands into action. Believe me , this is an awesome dish and it reminded me of those times when I was in my confinement, my mommy used to cook this everyday for me. Of course that was 21 years ago :p Even Daddy loves the aroma and he came into my domain kitchen and said " people in confinement....what are you cooking ? " heehee I answered him this " we eating confinement dish today...coz I miss my mommy ! " He rolled his eyes and walked away :))

delicious and aromatic ginger braised chicken legs

served with brown rice and fresh celery
topped with thousand island sauce
simple and delicious!

Ginger Braised Chicken Legs


2 free range chicken legs – cut into smaller pieces

1 thumb sized ginger – crushed and chopped coarsely
2 tbsp of sesame oil
1 tbsp of oyster sauce
½ tbsp of corn flour
½ tsp thick soy sauce
a dash of white pepper


Marinade the chicken pieces with oyster sauce, pepper , thick soy sauce and corn flour for 10 minutes. Heat up sesame oil in a wok, put in the chopped ginger and sauté until it is aromatic. Add in the marinated chicken pieces and sauté until half cooked . Add in ½ or 3/4 cup water and braised the chicken pieces till tender and the gravy has thickened. Dish up and served hot with brown rice .

Quote of the day

" In the childhood memories of every good cook,
there's a large kitchen, a warm stove, a
simmering pot and a mom "

~ Barbara Costikyan ~



  1. Elin, that's a very healthy and nutritious meal! I love brown rice a lot!

  2. I love ginger braised anything ! Yum yum yum ... I miss home cooked so so much

  3. Healthy meal and nice presentation :)

  4. wah! andy will love this ... this evening i did braised chicken with potatoes and chillies...

  5. I love ginger and sesame oil - match made in heaven! Yum!

  6. Elin, this is a really simple and flavorful dish!
    I'm sure the unbelievable aroma must have filled everywhere!

  7. Oh!!i love that dish!! sometime i will ask my mum to cook ginger fried eggs with sesame oil...superb!!I think the aroma of the sesame oil makes food taste good...

  8. Brown rice sounds cool to me too

  9. I love the colour! Looks so appetising. and yea, it's always a headache thinking of what to cook for only 2...

  10. LOL!!! Thought you were cooking chicken feet/claws...

  11. I love this dish and also had it during confinement :) Really love the smell of sesame oil n ginger :)

  12. Hi Angie..yup brown rice is good for health and that confinement dish is nutritious too :)

    Hi patient..another 2 mths and you will be back for good :))

    Hi Anncoo..thanks! :) Btw thanks also for always taking time to drop by here and leave a comment. So sweet of you...I am encouraged :)

    Hi Claire...cook this for sure he will love it :)

    Hi TEAH...yup perfect match in Heaven! :))

    Hi Lululu...yup it is...I love the aroma of this two ingredients...simply delicious :)

    Hi Mandy...haha yup the trick is the ginger and sesame oil :))

    Hi Kenny...haha brown rice is best for us people who loves to eat LOL!
    no cholesterol so that leave us space for other rich food :p

    Hi Pam..thanks :))

    Hi we have to think simple and yet delicious...nice one dish meal would be ideal for 2 person menu LOL!

    Hi STP...nooooo though I love chicken feet but it is not healthy so not sharing it here LOL!

    Hi Mysweetkitchen...thanks for the invitation to your blog..I love it! is aromatic and delicious and confinement or no I still cook it when I crave for it :))

  13. This looks easy and absolutely delish and perfect for me cos I now need to start cooking for 2 as well.

  14. That chicken looks so flavorful...and easy!

  15. Hi FamilyFirst...haha yup it is hard to cook for 2 person so have to try make it easy and yet delicious :))

    Hi must try this out if you like sesame oil. Wonderful aroma :)

  16. huh! chicken feet not healthy?? I love to eat chicken feet wor!!

  17. ops, sorry Elin....the M is me..
    I accidentally press the keyboard..

  18. Hi Mandy...not healthy as in cholesterol level is very high in the chicken feet. Haha eat la but exercise more ! and eat in moderation ! :)))

  19. What is it about ginger and sesame? The tickle my salivary glands every time! Nice recipe!

  20. Hi Danielle..not only you , Me too ! thanks for dropping by and take a sniff :))

  21. These also my kids favourite kind of meal too. They will take more greens when eating the chicken. And that's what I like about!

  22. Hi Kristy...yup that the only way to make them eat kids simply love it :)


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