Monday, November 23, 2009

Crispy Chicken Wingettes

This is something so appetizing and truly finger licking good crispy chicken wingettes. I got this recipe from Angie's blog - Seasaltwithfood. I didn't know that periperi sauce can be used as a marinade for these wingettes and the flavor is awesome. I have a bottle of Peri Peri sauce from Nando's and it has been sitting in the fridge for a while ( wow..6 months to expiry date ) so this recipe came in my dollars and Daddy is most pleased with the crispy chicken wingettes. Using the sweet potato powder is also something new. I could not get hold of this powder but I managed to get the potato powder and it works well. The chicken wingettes turned out crispy . Delicious and finger licking good! Lucky for me, I have a bottle of peri peri sauce at home so I can try this recipe out.....I will be making this again for sure for the coming Xmas dinner ! Thanks Angie for sharing this delightful and mouthwatering crispy chicken wingettes!

this flavor is awesome...try this out if you have a bottle of
periperi sauce at home, if not try getting them from Nando's :)
marinade the chicken wingettes overnite for best result

coat them with sweet potato powder
before frying them in hot oil

finger licking good crispy chicken wingettes
with a glass of cold beer or red wine...mmmmm

Crispy Chicken Wingettes ( adapted from Angie - Seasaltwithfood)


30pc (1.2 kg) chicken wingettes
2 bottles Peri Peri sauce
200gm sweet potoato powder
2 tbsp lemon juice
Sea salt
freshly ground black pepper


Put the chicken pieces in a large bowl. Add the peri peri sauce, lemon juice and season with sea salt and black pepper. Cover with plastic wrap and put into the fridge for at least 4 hours. Turn the chicken pieces once or twice to distribute the flavors.

Pour at least 2" of oil into a large frying pan over medium heat. Heat until the oil is hot. Pat the chicken in the sweet potato powder to coat it on all sides, making sure all the nooks and crannies are covered.

Add the chicken into the hot oil and fry till until it is crispy and golden. It is important that the chicken is cooked right through to the bone - use tongs to turn the pieces over a couple of times until you are satisfied that they are dep golden and cooked through. Lift out onto a plate lined with kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil. Serve immediately with lemon wedges to squeeze over the top, if desired.




  1. if andy sees this, then i will be in trouble.. tomorrow or soonest, he will want to try that.. chicken is his favorite!

  2. that look so neat and delicious. Would love that while watching tv or reading books.

  3. You make me drooling. This is so finger-licking good!

  4. Oh my, these are finger licking goooood ! No Jokes at least 1/2 dozen per person lol!

  5. Elin!
    These looks so so good. I love wings. They are my guilty pleasure and these look so fantastic.

  6. Wings are my guilty pleasure! These look more then pleasurable, Elin!!

  7. Mmmm...this is so much better than KFC.

  8. So does sweet potato powder make them crispier than regular flour? I am gluten-intolerant, and have not yet fried chicken since, but I'd be interested in what flours make the crispiest crust. These do look flavorful!

  9. Hi tigerfish...yuppy it's finger licking good :)

    Hi Angie...they are crisp and tender..mmm yummy :))

    Hi Claire...don't be lazy make these for him and he will not want KFC anymore :p

    Hi Mary, ohhh yess best finger food and snacks while watching the idiot box :))

    Hi Little Inbox...haha try it out and you will be licking your fingers :p

    Hi are rite...I can't resist and ate three of those sinful wingettes :p

    Hi are right, it's not just your guilty pleasure it's mine too :))

    Hi Ken's not just look good it's finger licking good..LOL welcome !

    Hi Anncoo...yup yup it's better than KFC :p

  10. Hi Tasty Eats At Home...yup sweet potato powder and potato powder makes it more crispier than any other flour. And it does not absorb oil as much as the other flour. Remains crispy for at least an hour :)

  11. looks yummy!! I think i can do that...not so hard...except the peri peri source...
    Claire, chicken also my favorite...

  12. Hi Mandy, peri peri sauce from Nando's will do..taste good. Try it and you will love it.

  13. hello ^_^ visit to your blog !! you have a nice blog with FOODS !!! =D will read through more when i've time ^^ nice to meet you as well that day ^^ kinda hungry after looking at all those photos you put in !! so yummmy !! XD

  14. Hi Ivan..nice to meet you too. Haha yup these photos here are meant to make you hungry so that you will hunger to cook your cravings :p Hope to meet up with you again the next bloggers meet up! :)

  15. I'm a sucker for crispy chicken wings!
    Yours look too tempting. 30 pcs are just my kind of portion!

  16. each time i visit your blog, i am amazed with the yummy dishes that you churned-out, which seemed like never-ending .... and each time i will feel guilty, and would make more effort in preparing the day's dinner. i have added egg omelette to my originally planned canned diced fish, canned lettuce and porridge dinner tonight (hehe)

    your family is lucky to have you, and mine too (for making me feel guilty)

  17. Hi Lululu...haha that portion is for a family of 6 :) you must try it is so crispy and the flavour of the Peri peri sauce is awesome!

    Hi Celine...haha don't worry, it is not what food is served at the table but it is the joy of eating together as a family :)) I am sure you are a blessing to your family too :))

  18. Hi Elin, I couldn't agree more with you with regards to your comment on sweet potato powder. "And it does not absorb oil as much as the other flour. Remains crispy for at least an hour :)". Btw, glad you like the recipe :)

  19. this is so yummy... hey just a thought
    u keen to teach beginners on how to cook? in KL? i can gather a few beginners like me, who drool over yr food...can? think about it

  20. Hi Angie, thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate this awesome recipe of yours and now I learnt something so valuable..potato powder really works wonders for these chicken pieces and the amazing thing is it can keep its crispness till the end of our dinner and it doesn't absorb oil compares to other flour! :)) Thanks and by the way I love your blog muchie :))

    Hi Little Lamb....err I am flattered but will think about opening classes when I am more free , now I am still attending baking classes myself LOL! Meanwhile if you have any questions about baking and cooking , feel free to write to me and ask away. I will do my best to help :))


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