Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Came, I Saw, I Bought !

Guess what??? yessss..... I added two cookbooks to my collections of cookbook on my shelf. I know, I know...I told you guys that I don't want any more cookbooks as Xmas pressies and here I bought two more myself :)) I saw this cookbook all on oats....biscuits, cookies and cakes could I resist it :p and another one on baked and steamed buns ...ohhh as you guys know that I am now itching to knead and when this fever comes I am stricken....dead if I don't knead LOL! just kidding.. I am a sucker for cookbooks.... especially attracted to the cover of this Oats Delicieux ! Bookfairs everywhere.... My Piggy gal , Joanna , she bought 60 over books from the " Big Bad Wolf booksale " in KL !!! She beats me to it :p I bought two and she bought 60 over !!! @@

nice cover but the inside contents is much nicer LOL!

Oats goodness....healthy grains... good for health

Baked and Steamed Buns is another good one...haha
so I carted them stay tuned....
lots of goodies will be posted up soon LOL!

I am the happiest person today.... I got 2 new books to keep myself occupied with :))

Have a great weekend !



  1. Muahahahaha .... I still top your count !! Muahahaha

  2. Elin,

    I can understand how you feel. When I got all five Tessa Kiros cookbooks at one go as birthday prezzies, I couldn't sleep like for nights trying to think which one should I cook first! And how to plate and shoot them!

    I'm happy for you!

  3. I have stopped myself from buying cookbooks....oh wait I did buy 2 books a few months back..heh ..I guess we shd never believe it when a foodie says 'no more cookbooks for me!'

    enjoy and post!!

  4. Will you use some recipes soon? Will you? Will you? Will you? The oat recipe book looks very very interesting!

  5. I am very stingy, not willing to spend on cookbooks! So, most of my recipes were printed either from the site or from some borrow cookbooks. hehe....

  6. I saw those books at popular yesterday! I bought a bread recipe book too :)
    Couldnt get enough of recipe books!

  7. I LOVE the title of the post!! Aptly titled indeed LOL!!

    Well, I'm a compulsive cookbook buyer!! Not sure if you can beat me on this ... But, I added eight books into my collection in less than three weeks!!! Man, I've got a weak point for cookbooks LOL!!


  8. went again to the fair and bought another round of novels.....whole set of Jodi Picoult !

    Hi Quinn..haha whole night browsing thru and exactly like what you say....what to cook first and how to photoshoot them LOL!

    Hi Zurin...haha how right, must never trust a foodie not buying another cookbook! :p

    Hi Angie.....yes, I will be making some of the recipes from the book and will post it up for sharing :)...yup it uses oat flour for most of the recipes o it is interesting for us baker..something new I guess :)

    Hi Kristy...haha so you save a lot of $$$$ then...LOL!

    Hi Tracie.....if you see it you must buy it coz it uses oat flour in most recipes and looks good too :))

    Hi Dodol...count me in too....I have a weakness for cookbooks !!!

  9. haha I's something about them that you can't resist.

  10. Hehee...I also bought few cookbooks at the Book Fair. Still cannot decide which one to use first.

  11. Hi pigpigscorner....haha yup the attraction is too strong...foodies will called it infinity :)

    Hi Anncoo...yesss me too but I think I will start the Oats Delicieux first :))


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