Saturday, October 31, 2009

Refreshing Garden Salad :)

You better believe this…this is what I had for dinner..I simply put all these veggies and fruits together, make my own croutons, whip up my signature salad dressing and add in cheddar cheese and sprinkle parmesan onto the salad …yuppy I managed to put together a colorful , delicious and full of nutrients salad. And top it with raw walnuts…awww it was a flavorful salad and it was captivating and delicious yum yum !

for the salad : green apple, grapefruit, tomato roma,
red capsicum, red and green corals,

chopped red capsicum, italian parsley, garlic
black peppercorns , sea salt and olive oil
makes my signature salad dressing :)
roasted red capsicum, remove the skin and cut into chunks
wheatmeal bread toasted with olive oil in heated oven
till crunchy becomes croutons..:)

cheddar and parmesan cheese added for extra flavor

pour the salad dressing onto the salad when ready
to serve....mmmm

a picture is worth a thousand words...

awww...the raw walnuts gave the salad the crunch......
the combination of flavors and textures is amazing !!!

Have a nice day !



  1. Elin, this salad not only does look very refreshing and appetizing, but also full of flavourful!

  2. WOW Look at these vibrant colours of this salad!

  3. Very nice Elin. Looks pretty healthy!

  4. Hahaha...after the real buttery butter cake. This is very good for us to on diet loh!! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. What a great looking salad! Healthy and tasty too.

  6. yo... such great delight.. tapi nasib baik, i dont miss salad so much... LOL.. how about tonight? what r u busy with?

  7. Can I know what oven you use? I planning to get a oven. Thanks.

  8. That looks great, all the beautiful colours and I love that widget, so cute!

  9. @ Angie's recipes : Angie..this is the most enjoyable meal I had..light and healthy and yet tsty and flavorful :)

    @ Kenny T : haha colors make our food look tasty :))

    @ Quinn : Hi is healthy and lots of nutrients too :)

    @ TIN TIN : Hi Amy, thanks for your sharing too :)

    @ Mother Rimmy: Yuppy...lots of goodness in it too !

    @ andy : Are you Claire....want to date me for dinner ?

    @ Anon : I had an Ariston Oven but it expired on me after 20 years serving me so now I have a Hanabishi Tabletop oven...the biggest size and it functions well but nothing beats the Ariston oven...very expensive too. I understand Zanussi is good too RM1700 plus you can get a good one..without the stove. Later I might get the Zanussi one :) Hope this helps.

    @ No Frills Recipes : Thanks :)


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