Saturday, October 3, 2009

Seaweed Roll

Adding in the shredded carrots and italian parsley was a last minute thing...for I wanted it to look like a sushi roll :))) Daddy passed a remark saying that since I started blogging on food that I cooked , food I presented at the table are always colorful and beautifully presented , LOL! And guess what I replied ? I sealed his mouth with this this will make our marriage life more interesting as the years goes by.... the cooking skills get better and you have nothing to complain the saying goes... the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach ” Sealed! ;p   
This roll is delicious and tasty, the fragrance from the nori sheet after the deep frying gave oomph to the rolls beside the tasty paste. The color of the carrots makes the rolls interesting and a real feast for the eyes. From a distance, Daddy asked, is this sushi ? :p Without waiting for my reply , he went to the fridge to get me the wasabi that I love so much and can't do without :)) And it complements the rolls. The Piggies love it and most important the head of the family loves it ! :)))

spread the paste on the nori sheet and
place it on a sushi bamboo mat ( makisu ) and lightly press and
roll it as in making sushi

first coat the roll with egg white followed by bread crumbs
and deep fried it till cooked under medium low heat

cut into even sizes
it looks like sushi from a far :)))

delicious finger food or as entrees

it goes well with wasabi...yumm yumm yummy :))

Seaweed Roll

paste ingredients:
( makes 2 rolls )

150 gm fish paste
100 gm mince meat
80 gm shrimp paste
1/2 tsp white pepper
1 tsp of sesame oil
1/4 tsp salt

1/2 stick carrot - shredded
some chopped italian parsley

2 nori sheets
bread crumbs enough to coat the rolls
1 egg white - whisk

vegetable oil for deep frying


Mix all the paste ingredients together and stir with a pair of chopsticks till the paste becomes sticky. Place a sheet of nori sheet on a makisu or bamboo mat . Spread the paste on the nori sheet, leaving 1" allowance uncovered at one end of the seaweed. Place the shredded carrots and parsley on the surface of the paste and wrap bamboo mat and seaweed over the paste fillings and roll into a tight roll. First coat the roll with egg white and then coat it with the bread crumbs Heat up oil in a wok and when it is hot enough, put in the roll and deep fry it till the inside is cooked and golden brown on the outside under medium low heat. Take out the rolls and drain off oil on the paper towel. When it has cooled down , cut into even pieces and serve with chilli sauce or wasabi.


Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all my friends and readers :))



  1. I've seen one of these rolls in our Chinese cookbooks here at home. But I never made them. I think it's about time to make them. Thank you. They look great.

  2. Hi

    Wow, mouth watering already, must go for Japanese food tonite, although it's Mooncake festival. You sure can!

  3. What a clever idea.Looks good and surely must taste good.Happy moon cake festival to you and family.Missed having those lantern parties in Malaysia.Here kena celebrate sorang-sorang!!!!

  4. This looks so beautiful and nicely done :)

  5. Elin, this is so creative and attractive. A very lovely way to make kids eat fish. This would make a great party food. Thanks for sharing.

  6. wowowowowowow.....they look too good to be eaten!

  7. my goodness Elin, if i known that earlier, i would hv run to your house uninvited.. why run? no car, it is also worth running.. cos of the FOOD! what else... boon will be another one "complaining" hahahhaa.. so when can we come to your mansion to try all these food, huh...

  8. Wow, no one can resist these beautiful morsels!

  9. @ Divina Pe : You are welcome :)

    @ No-Frills Recipes : Guess u had a wonderful mooncake festival dinner :)

    @ Angie's Recipes : :) hope you get to make it and like it!

    @ Shereen: Thanks...same to you too...ohhhh so kesian got to celebrate seorang :(

    @ Anncoo : Thanks :)

    @ MaryMoh : You are welcome..hope u like it:))

    @ lululu : this is something everyone will love eating :))

    @ reanaclaire : Haha...if u like I can run to you with the food when no one wants to eat heeheee nola u are my good friend how can I allow u to eat those failed ones...those are for my Piggies...good one for you :p

    Btw, I will make the fettucine aglio olio for u and gal...warm up in the microwave ya...remember I have to wake up at 5am tomoro to cook that for you :)))

    @ Kenny T : wish you were next door LOL!

  10. Lovely rolls! I like this combination.

  11. Hi little Inbox : Thanks :) its tasty and delicious esp with a little bit of wasabi...yummm

  12. Wonderful recipe, Elin! But as you said so, the most importantly the head of the family loves it...ha ha!

  13. huge fan of seaweed rolls and sushi as well, this is such a flavorsome recipe. I love that last photo with the wasabi sauce on top

  14. wow, I went through some of your post.. you really cook well! Take good shots too!


    I came here from Reanaclaire's blog :). I am glad she featured you in her recent post. Lovely blog to visit.

  15. lovely food pics! am sure they taste even better :) - since i don't have time to cook i usually just take pics of food and post them in my blog (among other things). hope you can visit!

  16. omg. this is delicious... mouth watering!

    send some to me will ya?

  17. This is fantastic! I think I can just eat loads and loads of this as a meal in itself!

  18. @ My Little Space : Haha yup the head of the family must love it :))

    @ Jessie : Me too, find it so cute, I just had to post it up :))

    @ Ladyviral : Hi, thanks for dropping by. I hope all the recipes are good for you :p

    @ Cacho : Thanks Cacho, sure I will drop by your blog :)

    @ Faisal Admar : Haha Too late...all in the stomach already :)) next time, will send thru FedEx :p

    @ The Little Teochew : Hi, yup I agree with you...once you start eating there's no stopping ! :p


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